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I Used Dermatica For 6 Weeks To Treat My Rosacea – These Were The Results

Is it worth the hype?

Last Updated on February 9, 2023

If you’ve ever scrolled through TikTok, chances are you’ve come across ads for Dermatica.

The skincare treatment promises to improve all kinds of skin issues, from hyperpigmentation to rosacea, and the before and after photos speak for themselves. There seem to be countless incredible skin transformations, so it didn’t take long for these ads to spark my interest.

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I’ve suffered from various skin issues for years, including acne and rosacea, and I’ve tried everything, from antibiotics to Roaccutane. At the start of my treatment, my skin was really red, irritated and enflamed – sure signs of rosacea.

Daisy before using dermatica treatment

Above: Daisy’s skin before treatment

If you’ve ever suffered with any skin issues, you’ll know that at times you feel desperate to find a solution. I just want my skin to be clear and calm, so spending money on it really doesn’t bother me.

Dermatica treatment comes every month through the post, and while the first treatment is just £2.90, it will set you back £22.89 including postage every month thereafter. I thought I’d give it a go, because for just £3, you can’t really go wrong.

I filled in a form online explaining my skin symptoms and uploaded three photos of my make-up free skin. A dermatologist from the Dermatica team looked through my details and prescribed a treatment plan, which included a product containing Ivermectin, Metronidazole and Niacinamide.

It arrived through the post in a little tube, and I was instructed to apply one to two pumps of it every evening. As advised, I stopped using all other products apart from moisturiser and I waited 3-5 minutes after applying my treatment to put on moisturiser.

I use La Roche Posay’s Rosaliac Anti-Redness Moisturiser morning and night.

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Above: Daisy’s skin three weeks into treatment

How long does it take to see results from Dermatica?

The results were instantly noticeable for me. After just a few days, my skin seemed far less enflamed and the redness quickly calmed.

It’s worth mentioning that I’d only recently realised I was suffering from rosacea, and I was treating my skin with acne treatment before I tried Dermatica. This is precisely what not to do: acne treatment does not work on rosacea, but it in fact is said to make it worse.

By that logic, it’s unsurprising that Dermatica improved my skin, but it really did. I saw a profound change after three weeks and after six weeks, the results were pretty unbelievable.

Is Dermatica worth it?

There’s no denying that Dermatica is expensive, but for me, it’s worth it.

Not only were the results incredible, but it takes away all confusion about which skincare products I should use.

Let’s be real, skincare is so confusing so it’s a load off my mind and worth spending 20 quid per month on for me.

What are the side effects of Dermatica?

For the first couple of weeks, my skin was dry and quite tight. I was advised to wait 3-5 minutes before applying moisturiser and using SPF every day.

After a couple of weeks, the dryness completely went away. 6 weeks in, and there are nothing but good side effects.

Above: Daisy’s skin after six weeks

Can you cancel Dermatica after the free trial?

Yes, you can cancel Dermatica immediately after receiving the first treatment. However i was advised treatment is a ‘marathon and not a sprint,’ so I would recommend continuing using the product until you’re happy with the result.

Can I use Dermatica twice a day?

I was advised to use it once a day, so I wouldn’t double up on treatment.

How long do you use Dermatica for?

According to Dermatica, treatment time varies from person to person.

As your skin improves, you will be prescribed an updated treatment to maintain your skin.

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