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What Does Zara Cherry Smoothie Smell Like?

You’ll snap a bottle every damn time.

Last Updated on June 18, 2023

One Zara perfume that has been talked about for some time now is the Cherry Smoothie. If you’re thinking about getting it online, but you want to know what it smells like first, I’ve got your back. 

Famous for its effortlessly stylish clothing, the brand has also fostered a cult with its expanding range of fragrances that can pass as dupes for high-end, and I’m part of the fandom. 

Looking at the notes of the Cherry Smoothie, it definitely was intended to be a dupe for the famous high-end scent Tom Ford Lost Cherry. 

Zara Cherry Smoothie

Cherry Smoothie, £11.99, Zara – buy now

Opinions may differ when comparing the two scents, but for those who have experienced the aroma of Lost Cherry, there is an undeniable similarity that resonates with Cherry Smoothie. It isn’t a notorious dupe, but for the price, it definitely is worth the try. 

Lost Cherry 50ml, £238, Tom Ford – buy now

Lucky for us these days, Tiktok has been blessing us with some honest reviews about Zara perfumes. Go on Tiktok with the search term ‘Zara Perfume’, and you’ll be greeted with thousands of views. It even garnered an overall 6.2 billion views at the time of writing. 

So if you are torn between all the varying opinions on Tiktok, scrolling down can help you decide. 

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What does Zara Cherry Smoothie smell like?

Zara describes this fragrance as “cherry and plum fruits are accentuated by fresh almond in a sensory experience of vanilla and tonka bean.”

The scent does have an almond note, but it’s not as rich and deep as Lost Cherry. This also goes with its cherry note, which is quite subtle than Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry. The most prominent notes are the creaminess of the vanilla, tonka bean, and almond. 

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You have to take note that longevity is on the poor side for this one. But it does smell really delicious and it’s great for an affordable option. 

Which Zara perfume smells like berries?

Wonder Rose Zara

Wonder Rose, £12.99, Zara – buy now

Wonder Rose has a remarkable subtlety that is widely admired. It has a seamless fusion of cherry and peach notes. The aromatic embrace of Sambac jasmine flowers is further enhanced by the creamy essence of coconut vanilla.

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What is Apple Juice by Zara a dupe for?

Apple Juice from Zara

Apple Juice, £12.99, Zara – buy now

Chanel is one of the best-selling perfumes in the world, but Zara’s apple juice is a great alternative for a fraction price from the high-end brand. If you want to know more, make sure to read Zara perfumes that smell just like Chanel next.

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