What Perfume Does Taylor Swift Wear?

Smell like a popstar.

Last Updated on June 18, 2023

Amidst the buzz about the Era’s Tour and the release of Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), I’m over here wondering what perfume Taylor Swift wears. Is it just me?

I’m certain that many of you share the same curiosity! With all eyes on Ms. Swift 24/7, it’s hard to resist joining the crowd. So, I did some digging and discovered a few signature scents favored by the talented singer-songwriter.

Despite Taylor Swift’s remarkable ability to keep much of her personal life hidden from the world (kudos to her for successfully evading the paparazzi), swifties are fortunate enough to catch glimpses of what she holds dear.

Fans are incredibly swift (pun intended). In fact, when she posted a video on TikTok donning a gorgeous Reformation dress, it flew off the shelves and sold out within a matter of minutes. It’s a crazy fandom and I love it!

As a perfume enthusiast, I couldn’t resist delving into the world of our favorite artist’s scents. Rest assured, I did some thorough research to uncover the details.

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What perfume does Taylor Swift wear?

Taylor Swift exhibits a varied palette when it comes to perfume, regularly adorning herself with multiple fragrances.

Taylor often indulges in scents from her own collection, including the aptly named Taylor by Taylor Swift. But she is known to smell like some the the perfumes below:

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf has become a beloved choice among celebrities, including Taylor Swift and fellow female singers like Ariana Grande. This fragrance is renowned for its blend of floral and patchouli notes, which contribute to its remarkable longevity.

Flowerbomb Eau de Parfum by Viktor & Rolf

Flowerbomb Eau de Parfum 50ml, £78.20, Viktor & Rolf – buy now

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Santal Blush by Tom Ford

It has been noted that Taylor Swift has been seen wearing Santal Blush by Tom Ford on various occasions. For instance, she opted for this fragrance during her recording of the Reputation Secret Sessions.

Santal Blush is a delightful and warm fragrance with woody undertones, making it particularly suitable for the fall and winter seasons.

Private Blend Santal Blush Eau de Parfum 50ml from Tom Ford

Private Blend Santal Blush Eau de Parfum 50ml, £178.50, Tom Ford – buy now

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Moon Sparkle Escada

Moon Sparkle by Escada is among the favored fragrances of Taylor Swift. Unlike the heavily floral composition of Flowerbomb, Moon Sparkle leans towards a sweeter ambiance with its abundance of fruity notes.

This fragrance is likely Taylor’s choice for daytime wear, as it offers a lighter and more intimate experience compared to the intensity of Flowerbomb.

However, the enchanting fragrance that many love appears to have been discontinued. You may be lucky to see resellers on eBay.