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Does Nasty Gal Accept Klarna?

Can you shop before payday?

Last Updated on March 29, 2023

If you love vibrant and affordable fashion, chances are you’re a fan of Nasty Gal – but do they take Klarna, or should we wait for pay day to shop?

We all know that feeling of seeing a cute handbag or perfect summer dress you desperately want, but needing to wait for pay day to get it.

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In these instances, Klarna is a bit of a lifesaver. The buy now, pay later platform has become a widely adopted payment method among high-street and high-end retailers alike, including H&M, & Other Stories, and Farfetch. But is Nasty Gal one of them?

Nasty gal model wearing a Lined Coat
Nasty Gal

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Does Nasty Gal accept Klarna?

Nasty Gal accepts Klarna as a payment method, offering the option to pay in 30 days or in 3 instalments.

Customers can use Klarna to pay for their purchases and spread the cost over time, with payments automatically collected every 30 days from their debit or credit card.

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Is everyone approved for Klarna?

While not everyone is approved for Klarna, the company’s approval process is designed to support responsible and ethical spending habits.

If you have a history of positive behaviour with Klarna, this can increase your chances of being approved for their services.

Is Klarna safe to use?

Klarna is a safe and legitimate buy now, pay later service that offers consumers the convenience of splitting their transactions into four equal payments. Your online bank details are entered in a secure Klarna payment form, keeping them safe from merchants and third parties. 

With Klarna’s innovative approach, you can confidently make purchases without worrying about your personal and financial information being compromised.

Although you do need to practise self-control to avoid finding yourself in too much debt. Practice healthy money habits and your future self will thank you.

Can Klarna be used on any website?

Klarna is accepted at a variety of physical and online retailers like Mango, ASOS, H&M, River Island, Clavin Klein, and many more, but not every brand accepts it.

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