Is Zara Open on Christmas Eve 2021?

For all your last-minute shopping needs.
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Some of us start getting presents early but others like to strike at the last minute. If you’re part of the latter group and are wondering if your favourite store Zara is open on Christmas eve, I got you.

Maybe you like procrastinating or maybe you just like the rush of doing things right before they’re needed.

No matter what your reason for finishing your Christmas to-buy list is, you’ll find out all the details you need about Zara’s Christmas eve schedule here.

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zara christmas schedule

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Is Zara open on Christmas Eve?

The quick answer is yes! But do take note that the opening and closing times of stores vary depending on the location. All stores will be open but some of them may close early to make way for the holidays. 

So yes, you can still get your last-minute fix the day before Christmas.

If you happen to not make it before the store closes, though, there’s always online shopping to the rescue.

Zara’s delivery time takes two to three days though, so just don’t expect your gifts to come in on Christmas morning.

Is Zara closed on Christmas Day?

There are not a lot of shops open on Christmas Day, except for convenience stores and some groceries.

While the Spanish retailer has not announced anything yet, it’s best to assume that its shops will also be taking a break during the holiday.

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Does Zara take part in Boxing Day sales?

Yes! The brand doesn’t hold a lot of sales, but it does offer deals during Boxing Day – and the best part is almost all of the brand’s pieces get their prices slashed during the sale.

The brand doesn’t claim this to be a Boxing Day sale though and just refers to it as its winter sale. However it does often start on the day after Christmas and extends until and across January.