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Is Zara Open on Christmas Eve This Year?

For all your last-minute shopping needs.

Some people got their Christmas presents sorted months ago, but for the rest of us, it’s more of a last-minute job.

If you’re part of the latter group and are wondering if your favourite store Zara is open on Christmas eve, I got you.

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Maybe you like procrastinating or maybe you just like the rush of doing things right before they’re needed.

No matter what your reason for finishing your Christmas gift list late, you’ll find out all the details you need about their Christmas eve schedule here.

White woman wears red Zara jumper dress with sunglasses and black boots

Is Zara open on Christmas Eve?

The quick answer is yes, but do take note that the opening hours of stores vary depending on the location. All stores will be open, but some may close early to prepare for the very exciting Boxing Day sale.

To find out what time your local store is open till you can look it up on this page, they provide a list of the opening hours for Christmas.

Both the 215-219 and 61 Oxford Street stores is open until 6pm on Christmas Eve.

Woman wearing blue velvet Zara dress

Is Zara closed on Christmas Day?

Zara is closed on Christmas Day, reopening again on Boxing Day.

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Is anything open on Christmas Day UK?

Most major retailers are closed on Christmas day and will provide their special holiday schedule in December.

It’s good to keep an eye out on your favourite store’s social media and newsletters for their opening hours during the holiday season.

Does Zara take part in Boxing Day sales?

You bet. The brand doesn’t hold a lot of sales, but Boxing Day is the biggest sale of the year for the brand.

Almost all of the brand’s pieces get their prices slashed during the sale, which lasts throughout January.

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