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Is Zara’s In-Store Availability Accurate?

Will the item you want really be there?

Last Updated on October 25, 2023

The item you want is out of stock on the Zara website, but you’ve managed to find it in one of your local stores using Zara’s in-store availability tool. Is it really accurate though? We all know the feeling. You find an item on the Zara website that you desperately love, only to find that it’s sold out in your size. ‘There has to be a way to get it’, you think.

Luckily Zara has a handy tool that tells you whether stock is available in your local store. If you’re wondering where to find it, it’s found under the product description of the item you’re looking at. Click ‘Check In-Store Availability’ and you’re able to pick your size and enter your address to discover if you can pick it up in-store.

zara in store availability tool

But how accurate is this tool? If you live far away from the store, it can be a real trek (not to mention a waste of time) to travel all the way there only to find it’s not available. Keep reading for what we know about its accuracy.

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how to check zara in-store availablity

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Is Zara’s in-store availability accurate?

According to Zara, stock information in their stores is for ‘guidance only’. This suggests that it’s not completely accurate and that you could end up going to their stores and being left disappointed. As you can imagine, items are being bought all the time at Zara stores particularly during busy periods and it might take some time for systems to update.

If you’re desperate, you could always try calling the store in question to check stock levels but you’ll need the product number and size details before you call. As there are so many items at Zara, some of which look similar, simply describing the item won’t do.

Where to find the product code at Zara

The product code can be found under the product description of each Zara item and above the sizing information, as highlighted. Note the colour information of the item, which is followed by a four-digit code, forward slash and another three-digit code.

how to find zara product code

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