When Is the Arket Boxing Day Sale?

All the details you need to know!
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If you’re a fan of accessible sustainable fashion, then you probably have pieces from Arket on your wishlist. I’m sure you’re also already eyeing its Boxing Day sale — I know I am.

H&M’s sister brand didn’t join the Black Friday sale last year, which meant there were more items up for grabs at discounted prices when Boxing Day arrived. Will the same happen this year? 

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I searched for the answers and I’m sharing them with you. So sit back, relax and get ready to learn everything you need to know about the Arket Boxing Day sale.

When is the Arket Boxing Day sale?

Like many other brands, Arket holds its Boxing Day sale on the day itself. The shopping event is celebrated the day after Christmas, 26 December. So make sure you mark your calendar and start early.

I recommend putting your favourites on a wishlist so you know exactly what to get during the sale and won’t need to scramble for time or go back and forth with yourself about making a purchase.

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How big are the discounts during the Arket Boxing Day sale?

Assuming the brand won’t participate in the Black Friday sale again this year, we’ll be treated to more products at discounted prices, and the deals may even be bigger. 

Arket offers a huge sale for its coats and boots during that time of the year. Discounts can go up to 50% off for these items! Other pieces such as tops and trousers can be discounted by up to 20%.

Make sure you bookmark this page for more details about the Arket Boxing Day sale! The brand has temporarily closed its sale section, so we just have to be a little bit more patient for the big shopping event it will join.