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All the Best Designer Alternatives on Amazon For Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and More

So good.

Last Updated on June 28, 2023

We’d all love to own a designer handbag or pair of shoes, but for the next best thing, try Amazon. Yes, really.

The global online superstore has hundreds (if not thousands) of amazing items similar to the world’s most sought-after designer pieces, like Loewe’s basket bag, Marc Jacob’s iconic tote and Prada’s beautiful brushed leather loafers, all for a fraction of the designer price.

woman wears chanel bag and leather studded jacket

While I’d love to be able to spend thousands on an item, it’s hard to justify spending on a basket bag that costs almost half of my monthly rent. If you can, go for it – but I’m here to make luxury style a little more accessible by showing you how to get a similar look on a budget.

Enter the world of Amazon alternatives, where fashion-savvy shoppers have uncovered a treasure trove of affordable lookalikes. If you know where to look, they’re everywhere!

When you start noticing it, you’ll realise that almost all high street brands take inspiration from the designer giants.

I mean, all of us already know about Zara’s amazing designer perfume dupes, right?

Here are a selection of surprisingly good designer lookalikes you can get from Amazon– the perfect alternatives and designer-inspired accessories that will save your bank account and keep you looking stylish.

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Alternative for Uniqlo sling bag

DKIIL NOIYB Crescent Bag for Women Men  Dupes on Amazon for Uniqlo sling bag

DKIIL NOIYB Crescent Bag for Women Men, £14.99 – buy now

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Alternative for Marc Jacobs Tote bag

Dupe for Marc Jacobs Tote bag DKIIL NOIYB Women's Canvas Tote Bags Dupes on Amazon

DKIIL NOIYB Women’s Canvas Tote Bags, £26.99 – buy now

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Alternative for Bottega Veneta Jodie bag

Dupe for Bottega Veneta Jodie bag - LIBOOI Woven Knotted Handbag Dupes on Amazon

LIBOOI Woven Knotted Handbag, £24.88 – buy now

Alternative for Loewe basket bag

Dupe for Loewe basket bag dupes on Amazon

Women Woven Straw Handbag Faux Leather, from £23.99 – buy now

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Alternative for Gucci belt

Dupe for Gucci belt dupes on Amazon

CHAOREN Elastic Belt Women 1.25″ Width, £9.99 – buy now

Alternative for Prada loafers

Dupe for Prada loafers dupes on Amazon

Mens Leather Loafers Casual Shoes, £152.99 – buy now

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Alternative for Hermes Birkin bag

Dupe for Hermes bag dupes on Amazon

Women’s Designer Boutique Top Handle Medium Tote Shoulder Bag, £25.99 – buy now

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Alternative for Versace platforms

Dupe for Versace platforms dupes on Amazon

LaMara Paris Womens Double Platform Pumps Rhinestone Ankle Strap Square, £30.99 – buy now

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Alternative for Loeffler Randal heels

Dupe for Loeffler Randal heels dupes on Amazon

COOLCEPT Women Elegant Pleated Bow Bridal Sandals Block High Heel, £29.89 – buy now

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Alternative for Louis Vuitton bag

Dupe for Louis Vuitton bag dupes on Amazon

JANZORE Women Handbag Tote Bag Shoulder Satchel Bag Leather Multiple Pocket, £27.99 – buy now

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