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What Are Amazon Prime Lightning Deals?

How long do they last and how do you claim them?

Last Updated on July 11, 2023

If you’re preparing your wish list for Amazon Prime Day, you’ll need to know what all the different deals mean – including Amazon Prime’s infamous Lightning deals.

So that’s exactly what I’m here to explain – what these mysterious Lightning deals are and what they mean for you.

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Amazon Prime Day is finally here. Between July 11th-12th, you can get the biggest savings of the whole year on Amazon if you’re a Prime member, so it’s a great opportunity to finally pick up those items that have been sitting in your wish list for years.

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What are Amazon Prime Lightning deals?

Amazon Prime Lightning Deals are your golden ticket to unlock phenomenal discounts on various products ranging from electronics, fashion, beauty, home goods, appliances, books, fitness accessories, and so much more.

These deals flash randomly throughout the day like a bolt from the blue, keeping you on your toes and challenging you to get them before they’re gone.

Lightning deals last for 12 hours, and to be classed as a Lightning deal, they have to offer 15% off the reference price and 5% off the current price – at a minimum.

These products also all have a rating of 3 stars and above, so you won’t be offered rubbish items that don’t actually work!

As these last for just 12 hours, you’ll see a countdown timer showing how long you have to add items to
your Cart and claim the discount.

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How do I buy an item on Amazon with lightning deal?

If the discount is still available, you will find the Add to Basket button active and ready for you to click! Choose Add to Basket or Choose Options on the Lightning Deal from the Today’s Deals page.

Alternately, select Add to Basket after selecting the Lightning Deal option on the product detail page. Items with the Lightning Deal pricing will be accessible for 15 minutes in the shopping basket.

Complete the order within this allotted time to secure the discount, or it will revert to the regular Amazon price.

However you might be asked to join the ‘Lightning Deal Waitlist.’ Select Join Waitlist on the Lightning Deal, and when you’re next, you’ll see an alert in the upper right-hand corner of your Amazon page telling you that the deal is available.

Simply add the item to cart within the time limit and complete your purchase.

Do you need Amazon Prime to get lightning deals?

Yes, you do. Sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime now.

What is the difference between the Deal of the Day and the Lightning Deal?

The deal of the day lasts for 24 hours, whereas the Lightning deal only lasts for 12.

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