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5 ways to make your washing more eco-friendly

Here are some simple changes you can make.

If you’ve vowed to become more eco-friendly when it comes to your fashion choices, the first thing you’ll do is start shopping sustainably – but what about your washing?

Changing your habits when it comes to fashion doesn’t end with just practising our purchasing power. We need to wear the hell out of our clothes too, so we help to close the loop. 

But there’s one important clothing-related thing that can help in our quest to become kinder to the environment that’s often forgotten: how we wash our clothes.

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We group our dirty clothes together, chuck them in the washing machine, add laundry detergent and fabric conditioner, push buttons and call it a day. 

But if we want to take our concern for the planet to the next level, it’s time we pay more attention to how we can make our washing more eco-friendly. 

Here are a few tips we’re trying, and we hope you’re going to give them a shot too.

how to make washing more eco-friendly

Wash your clothes less often

It sounds gross, but you don’t actually need to wash your clothes as often as you think.

Some people believe you should leave your jeans six months before washing them, while it’s encouraged to put them in the freezer to kill the germs. Read more about how to wash your jeans here.

The bottom line is that washing your clothes less often means less use of energy and water.

how to make washing more eco-friendly - wash less often

Invest in an energy-efficient washing machine

If you don’t already have one, it’s time to get a machine that’s efficient in more ways than one. While they are a bit pricier than the conventional washer, you can rest easy knowing that the investment you made will actually help you save more in so many areas in the long run.

High-efficiency washers use less than half the amount of water needed by a conventional washer. They use less energy too. So you’re not only helping the environment, but your pocket too.

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Hang your clothes instead of using the drier

If you have the means to do so, hang your clothes to dry. The sun’s an energy source we can definitely use more of.

how to wear washing more eco-friendly - hang to dry

Use detergent and other laundry products that are environment-friendly

There are now so many eco-friendly options on the market. But there are some hacks you can do using items you already have at home, like using vinegar instead of a fabric conditioner.

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Hand wash your clothes

We know it’s not always the easiest option, but if you can, we recommend hand washing your clothes where possible. Since you’re the one who controls the intensity of your washing, you also have more control over the care of your clothes — no nicks or tears from the machine.

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