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21 Nude Nail Polish Colours That Look Gorgeous on Every Skin Tone

There's one for everyone.

Last Updated on May 15, 2023

As much as I love watching bright nail art videos on TikTok, I also love a nude nail polish moment.

Selecting the right shade of nude that complements my skin tone can be a challenge, and I’m sure many of us can relate to this.

Nude nail polishes are definitely not a one-size-fits-all, and fortunately, there are fantastic options available that cater to a full range of skin tones.

After some thorough research, I’ve discovered that the key to achieving a chic and sophisticated nude nail colour is much like finding the right foundation shade for your skin. It involves opting for a shade that’s either one tone lighter or one tone darker than your natural skin tone. 

Many nail techs advise against matching your nail polish to your skin tone too closely, as doing so may result in the undesirable ‘mannequin hands’ effect.

For those with a medium complexion, opting for pale and creamy nude tones is a good move. These shades work wonders in highlighting the skin’s natural tan undertones for a flattering nail shade.

Like any other aspect of fashion and beauty, there are no hard and fast rules to follow when choosing your perfect nude nail colour. Ultimately, the most important thing is to choose a shade that makes you feel happy and confident. 

Whether you want to go lighter, or darker, or experiment with different undertones, the choice is yours to make. After all, fashion and beauty are all about expressing your individuality and showcasing your unique personal style.

But if you’re looking for help, we can do that. Keep reading to discover your perfect shade.

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Nude Nail Polish For Fair Skin

If you have fair skin, go for a pink, sheer shade of nude. Steer clear of beige tones, and only opt for white tones if you have pink skin tones.

Les Mains Hermès from Hermès

Les Mains Hermès15ml, £42, Hermès – buy now

Elegance Nailberry

Elegance, £16, Nailberry – buy now

New Romantic from, Rimmel

New Romantic, £5.59, Rimmel – buy now

Mademoiselle Nail Polish from Essie

Mademoiselle Nail Polish 13.5ml, £8.99, Essie – buy now

Nude Pink from Urban Graffiti

Nude Pink, £7.99, Urban Graffiti – buy now

Nude Nail Polish For Medium Skin Tones

Medium or olive-skinned? Lucky you! Opt for café au lait or taupe shades to suit your skin tone. Pink or peach tones also work well.

Rouge Dior Vernis nail polish 10ml from Dior

Rouge Dior Vernis nail polish 10ml,  £27, Dior – buy now

Sorry Im Latte 14ml from China Glaze

Sorry Im Latte 14ml, £8.95, China Glaze – buy now

Masterpiece Xpress Nail Polish Nude'itude from Max Factor

Masterpiece Xpress Nail Polish Nude’itude 12g, £5.99, Max Factor  – buy now

Mini Nail Color Creme - Sapporo 5ml from Mavala

Mini Nail Color Creme – Sapporo 5ml, £5.44, Mavala – buy now

Barefoot in Barcelona from OPI

Barefoot in Barcelona, £8.58, OPI – buy now

I'm Passionate from, Revolution

I’m Passionate, £5, Revolution – buy now

212 Annabel Rose from Gucci

212 Annabel Rose, £26, Gucci – buy now

Sand Tropez Nail Polish 13.5ml from Essie

Sand Tropez Nail Polish 13.5ml, £8.99, Essie – buy now

Nude Nail Polish For Dark Skin

Dark skin tones should avoid nude nail polishes with pink or white undertones, opting instead for a shade with orange undertones.

Caught In The Nude Nail Polish 14ml from Nails.INC

Caught In The Nude Nail Polish 14ml, £7.90, Nails.INC – buy now

Breathable Nail Polish Nudes 18ml from Orly

Breathable Nail Polish Nudes 18ml, £9.45, Orly – buy now

Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint from Barry M

Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint, £3.99, Barry M – buy now

Nail Polish Nudes 15ml from OPI

Nail Polish Nudes 15ml, now £9.95, OPI – buy now

Gel Lab Message In A Bottle Collection 15ml from Debroah Lippmann

Gel Lab Message In A Bottle Collection 15ml, £18, Debroah Lippmann  – buy now

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Bare Attack 14ml from China Glaze

Bare Attack 14ml, £5.82, China Glaze – buy now

SuperStay 7 Days Nude Nail Polish from Maybelline

SuperStay 7 Days Nude Nail Polish, £4.79, Maybelline – buy now

Clothing Optional 13.5ml from Essie

Clothing Optional 13.5ml, £8.99, Essie – buy now

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