Best Zara Perfume Dupes 2023: These Zara Perfumes Smell Just Like Designer Fragrances

Smell luxurious without spending a small fortune.

Still searching for your signature scent? If you avoid the high street when looking for perfume, you might be missing a trick.

Zara is known for its super stylish clothing, shoes and accessories, but its beauty section is just as good (check out our primer on everything you need to know about Zara Beauty here).

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The brand’s perfumes have been around for a while now, but they’ve been getting more attention lately thanks to TikTok. In fact, videos about the range have 44.7 million views at the time of writing. But why?

zara fragrance samples

While fashion and make up dupes aren’t hard to find, dupes for luxury perfumes can be quite a challenge and we all know how expensive a good bottle of perfume can be.

However many Zara’s perfumes have caught the attention of a few beauty aficionados lately as they’re said to be incredibly similar to designer scents.

Not only that, but some Zara scents released last year were also made in collaboration with world-renowned perfumer Jo Malone.

If you’re not sure what to get, here’s a quick list of the best Zara perfumes for women (and which luxury fragrances they’re dupes for). Who needs to shell out hundreds on smelling good?

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Zara fragrances

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Zara Oriental EDP


Now £10.99 – buy now

TikTokers have identified a similarity between Zara’s Oriental and Viktor & Rolfe’s iconic Flowerbomb perfume.

As someone who wore it for years, I’m so excited there’s a more affordable alternative.

Zara Rose Gourmand EDP


£10.99 – buy now

Next up, we have Rose Gourmand. This spicy fragrance is said to be similar to Montale’s Intense Cafe.

Zara Red Vanilla EDP

£7.99 – buy now

Zara’s Red Vanilla is said to be similar to Lancome’s La Vie Est Belle, which will set you back £57 for 30ml. This high street version comes in at just £7.99.

Zara Applejuice EDP


£12.99 – buy now

One TikToker claims that Zara’s fresh Applejuice fragrance smells ‘exactly’ like Chanel’s Chance.

Zara Black Amber EDP

Zara Black Amber EDP

£12.99 – buy now

If you’re looking for something that’s feminine, fruity and sunny, this one’s for you. It’s said to be a dupe for Dolce & Gabbana’s The One.

Zara Ebony Wood EDP

Zara Ebony Wood EDP

£25.99 – buy now

One of the perfumes crafted by Jo Malone, this scent is meant to encapsulate ‘the moment of freedom and carefree adventures that are about to begin.’

It’s also very similar to Jo Malone’s Wood Sage and Sea Salt fragrance.

Zara Gourmand Addict EDP

Zara Gourmand Addict EDP

Now £10.99 – buy now

Citrus, floral and woody notes are what make up this perfume that’s believed to be a good alternative to Paco Rabanne’s Olympea.

Zara Nude Bouquet EDP

Zara Nude Bouquet EDP

£17.99 – buy now

In the mood to spritz on a scent that’s floral but also fruity? This one, which is said to be a cheaper alternative to Dior’s Blooming Bouquet, has notes of cherry, peony and vanilla that fits the bill.

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Zara Red Temptation: Dupe For Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s Baccarat Rouge 540

Zara Red Temptation EDP

£19.99 – buy now

Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s Baccarat Rouge 540 is the perfume of the moment, and Zara’s Red Temptation is similar with notes of orange, amber and evernyl. 

Zara Violet Blossom: Dupe For Thierry Mugler’s Alien

Zara Violet Blossom EDP

£14.99 – buy now

This one’s said to be a good dupe for Thierry Mugler’s Alien. If you like your scent to be delicate and sweet — notes of magnolia, almond, and vanilla — you’re gonna like this.

Zara Waterlily Tea Dress: Dupe For Byredo Gypsy Water

Zara Waterlily Tea Dress EDP

£25.99 – buy now

Another one of Jo Malone’s creations for Zara, this scent has notes of vert de bergamot, spearmint, and musk. It’s believed to be a good dupe for Byredo’s Gypsy Water.

Zara Gardenia: Dupe For YSL’s Black Opium


£12.99 – buy now

Gardenia is another of Zara’s best sellers, with notes of orange blossom coffee, peach and raspberry.

This one is said to be similar to YSL’s Black Opium.

Zara Woman Gold: Dupe For Paco Rabanne’s Lady Million

Zara Woman Gold EDP

£12.99 – buy now

Zara’s Woman Gold is said to be a dupe for Paco Rabanne’s Lady Million, with the same notes of honey, jasmine and gardenia.

Zara Orchid: Dupe For Victoria’s Secret Bombshell

Zara orchid edp

Now £10.99 – buy now

Said to be a dupe for Victoria’s Secret Bombshell, Zara’s Orchid is a fruity fragrance with notes of peach and apple.

It’s balanced out by notes of musk, wood and amber, as well as floral notes of rose and lily of the valley.

Zara Go Fruity: Dupe For Burberry’s Her


£12.99 – buy now

Go Fruity, which smells just how it sounds, is said to be a dupe for Burberry Her perfume.

This affordable fragrance from the brand combines peach and apple blends with notes of rose and iris flowers.

Zara Ultra Juicy: Dupe For Juicy Couture I Am Juicy

Zara Ultra Juicy

Now £10.99 – buy now

If you’re a fan of Juicy Couture and have always wanted to try their award-winning fragrance, Zara Ultra Juicy is the perfect dupe. It has a fruity, citrus scent that isn’t too overpowering.

The fragrance also has a blend of white floral scents (gardenia, honeysuckle, freesia, and jasmine) with notes of amber wood. This gives the perfume its feminine and sensual appeal.

Zara Femme: Dupe For Dior’s Hypnotic Poison

Zara Femme

£7.99 – buy now

Zara Femme is a dupe of Dior’s original scentHypnotic Poison. It mimics the velvety base of the luxury brand but with a mix of warm woody notes and white musk, giving Zara Femme a gentler scent.

The floral notes of the scent are blended with the sweet creaminess of vanilla and tonka beans, giving it a soft yet intense touch.

Zara Cherry Smoothie: Dupe For Tom Ford Lost Cherry

Zara Cherry Smoothie

Now £7.99 – buy now

They say the Zara Cherry Smoothie—a delicious-sounding scent—is a dupe for the Tom Ford Lost Cherry. The sweet fruit notes of cherry and plum give the Zara Cherry Smoothie its luscious and tempting fragrance, similar to Tom Ford.

There’s also a Peruvian balm blend with crushed heliotrope and hawthorn berries that gives it a lively and insatiable scent.