27 New Arrivals at Zara I Can’t Stop Thinking About

Save time scrolling, these are the best new in pieces.

There’s very few (if any) brands on the high street that come close to Zara.

The Spanish brand is unrivalled in its mission to create style-led pieces at an affordable price, which is why so many of us love it so much. Honestly, so many of us.

Whenever I see someone walking down the street in something gorgeous, more often than not I then see it in Zara.

Model wearing zara vest

As we move towards a more sustainable approach to fashion, brands like this have been called out on the sheer amount they produce.

There’s no denying that fast fashion creates a lot of waste, much of which ends up in landfills, but I’d argue that if you shop carefully, you can still love your purchases and keep them for years to come.

I have many items from Zara that I’ve held onto for years because they’re detailed, timeless and effortlessly stylish. So if you’re feeling guilty about your love for the brand, start by shopping more mindfully.

Stop buying things because they’re cheap, and make sure you really do love them. Take good care of the pieces you do buy by washing them carefully, maintaining them and repairing them when necessary.

Sometimes Zara’s new in section can feel overwhelming, but I’ve done the hard work for you and sifted through it to find the best pieces of the lot. Keep scrolling for the new in pieces you just have to see.

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Shop new in at Zara

Draped Midi Dress from Zara

Draped Midi Dress, £32.99 – buy now

Printed Midi Dress from Zara

Printed Midi Dress, £55.99 – buy now

Printed Crop Top and Printed Midi Skirt from Zara

Printed Crop Top, £29.99 – buy now

Printed Midi Skirt, £49.99 – buy now

Mid-Rise Wide-Leg Trf Jeans from Zara

Mid-Rise Wide-Leg TRF Jeans, £32.99 – buy now

Macramé Tote Bag from Zara

Macramé Tote Bag, £59.99 – buy now 

Printed Cut-Out Tulle Dress from Zara

Printed Cut-Out Tulle Dress, £29.99 – buy now 

High-Heel Leather Sandals With Strap in Yellow, Limited Edition from Zara

High-Heel Leather Sandals With Strap in Yellow, Limited Edition, £89.99 – buy now

Linen Blend Waistcoat from Zara

Linen Blend Waistcoat, £29.99 – buy now 

Hipster Oud 80ml from Zara

Hipster Oud 80ml, £22.99 – buy now

TRF Denim Skirt from Zara

TRF Denim Skirt, £32.99 – buy now

Linen Blend Bermuda Shorts and Ripped Knit Halter Top from Zara

Linen Blend Bermuda Shorts, £25.99 – buy now

Ripped Knit Halter Top, £17.90 – buy now

Luminous Creamy Concealer from Zara

Luminous Creamy Concealer, £9.99 – buy now

Gathered Short Dress from Zara

Gathered Short Dress, £29.99 – buy now

Strapless Top in white from Zara

Strapless Top in white, £25.99 – buy now

Z1975 Patchwork Denim Dress from Zara

Z1975 Patchwork Denim Dress, £55.99 – buy now

Eyebrow Gel from Zara

Eyebrow Gel, £9.99 – buy now

Printed Bikini Top and Printed Bikini Bottom from Zara

Printed Bikini Top, £19.99 – buy now

Printed Bikini Bottom, £17.99 – buy now

Macramé Dress from Zara

Macramé Dress, £49.99 – buy now

Printed Tulle Swimsuit from Zara

Printed Tulle Swimsuit, £29.99 – buy now

Ruffled Swimsuit from Zara

Ruffled Swimsuit, £29.99 – buy now 

Crossbody Bag With Metal Piece in pink from Zara

Crossbody Bag With Metal Piece in pink, £32.99 – buy now

Printed Tulle Dress from Zara

Printed Tulle Dress, £45.99 – buy now

Linen Blend Bomber Jacket from Zara

Linen Blend Bomber Jacket, £59.99 – buy now

Flat Leather Slider Sandals With Heel Strap from Zara

Flat Leather Slider Sandals With Heel Strap, £49.99 – buy now