Is Zara True to Size? I’m a Complete Zara Addict – This is What I’ve Learnt About the Brand’s Sizing

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Last Updated on September 19, 2023

Does Zara true small, large or true to size? I’m a seasoned Zara shopper so here, I’m sharing everything I know about the brand’s sizing. If you’ve ever tried anything on at Zara, you’ll know how confusing its sizing can be. This isn’t really limited to Zara, actually. You might try on an item in a size 10 in H&M, and then find the same size is too small in another shop. Of course, being able to try out the products in person before purchasing them helps – but what about those of us who choose to shop online? 

As a huge Zara fan who lives in Margate (where there isn’t a Zara for 30 miles *sob*), I’ve become a dab hand at working out which size to get without having to order 3 sizes of everything. Once you know your size, it’s pretty easy to work out which to order but there’s always exceptions. Last winter, I bought a pair of leather pants in the sale I assumed would fit perfectly but lo and behold, they were too tight. Suffice to say, I missed out on a larger size. To avoid that happening to you, here’s what you need to know.

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Is Zara true to size?

Zara’s sizing is inconsistent, so it’s difficult to find your correct size every time. From my experience and from being a long-time shopper at the brand, in my opinion Zara is not true to size – it usually fits quite small. However you’ll probably find some pieces are indeed true to size, making it all the more confusing.

Is Zara’s sizing accurate?

It depends. If you’re asking if they give a specific measurement for a certain product size, then yes. But if you’re asking if all of the same size labels on their products actually have the same measurements, then no. The most accurate way of making sure you’re getting the right size for you is to double check the exact measurements of each item using the brand’s sizing tool.

Under a specific item, you can click on ‘Find Your Size’ and you’ll be shown this tool:

zara sizing tool

You can enter your height, weight and choose how you want the item to fit. It will then tell you the percentage of people like who you bought the size they recommended.

You can also answer 4 more questions to get more tailored advice. These include your age, tummy and hip size (based on images) and your bra size if buying a top, dress or jumpsuit. If buying jeans, you’ll be asked what size you usually buy in jeans.

This is a really handy tool, but you may well find it almost recommends two sizes, leaving you back at square one. I know I’m never a size 8 though, so I’ll opt for the size 10 this time.

zara sizing tool

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Do Zara dresses run small?

Zara is more often than not a brand that tends to run small, so if in doubt, size up. I’ve personally found it to be pretty true to size for me when it comes to dresses, but as a smaller-busted gal, I’ve not had to contend with big boobs confusing the size I pick. Try using the tool I mentioned above.

Do Zara dresses shrink?

Zara clothes do tend to shrink after a wash, even at 30C. The Sun tested this on a variety of high street brands, including Zara. They measured a Zara dress before and after washing and found that even though it had been washed at 30C, it shrank 1.7 inches at the hem. This is definitely something to be aware of if buying a mini dress!

What do Zara’s labels mean?

In a TikTok that went viral last year, a fan of the brand revealed what the labels on Zara tags mean. The creator that made the TikTok claimed that the circle means the piece runs large, the square means it’s true to size, and the triangle means the piece runs smaller.

However, a stylist told OK Magazine that these labels actually stand for the different lines under the Zara brand: Zara basic, Zara Woman, and Zara TRF. Circle is for Woman, square is for Basic, and triangle is for TRF. These are used to help staff work out which each product sits in-store.

model wearing a zara scarf and suit

How do I know my size in Zara?

Zara’s sizing is known to run smaller than most, so it’s usually recommended to size up to get the best fit. Controversially, I’ve actually found the opposite.

I’m a UK size 10 and I’m bottom-heavy, so I usually buy a size S in tops and M in bottoms. Once you know which size fits best for you, you can usually buy the same size from then on. For your first shop, I recommend buying the product in two sizes when shopping online so you don’t miss out. In my experience, I’ve bought the wrong size and found the size I need has then sold out by the time I go to re-purchase it.

There is another way to make sure you get the most accurate fit, however. If you’re shopping online, simply click the ‘Size Guide’ label under the sizes of the product you’re checking out and choose a size. It will show you the measurements of the body used as a guide for the garment. You’ll need to measure your body if you’re following this method, but if you can spare the time, it will save you time and money in the long run. You may also consider sizing up for a more comfortable fit!


Does Zara have a plus size range?

No, the brand doesn’t have a plus size range but many of its items now go up to XXL (UK 18). Did you know that the brand didn’t use to carry larger sizes? A Spanish teenager petitioned for the brand to be more inclusive in 2016 and she succeeded.

While it may not offer a bigger range of sizes, you can still make it work. The key is in picking pieces with flowing fabrics. The brand’s knitwear and outerwear section is also a good place to look. The menswear section is also rife with options!

How do I choose my Zara size?

You might’ve found a helpful shopping hack on Tiktok about finding the correct sizes in Zara. And it’s all about those little symbols you can find on both the inner and purchase tags of the clothes.

Basically, they shared that a square symbol means that the item is true to size, a triangle means it runs small, and a circle indicates that the clothing runs large. It’s almost too easy to be true.

A spokesperson from the brand revealed that the symbols aren’t really about sizing. They told the Metro that they refer to Zara’s specific collections: Woman, Basic and TRF.

From what you’ve read in this article, the brand does run small, so it’s better to size up from your regular size if you’re ordering online. It’s always better to go to their stories and find the right fits there.

Is Zara medium a size 10?

Unlike most other high street brands, Zara doesn’t offer a size guide that states precisely what size at the store equates to a size 10. However as a size 10 myself, I usually get a size medium and would say this fits well the majority of the time. By this logic, I’d estimate that a size small is around a UK size 8 and a size large is a UK size 12.