Everything You Need to Know About Mango’s Sizing

Does the brand's sizing run big or small?

Mango is one of my favourite brands.

Their new in section is bursting with affordable yet super stylish pieces, and have you seen those Gucci slingback dupes? Ob-sessed.

Their sizing can be confusing though. I recently bought a checkerboard top in size M that feels tiny, while other size M pieces are huge on me. So what gives?

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Now I’ve become a regular shopper at Mango, I’ve learnt more about how best to shop for the right sizes.

black model wears crochet top and skirt and sits backwards on a chair

Of course, it’s always better to try before you buy or to buy a couple of sizes if you’re shopping online. It can be expensive to do though.

So if you’re looking to save some time, keep scrolling for what you need to know about Mango’s sizing.

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Does Mango’s sizing come up small?

In a word, yes – but it depends on what you’re buying.

When it comes to tops that are supposed to be tight-fitting, such as roll neck tops, it’s definitely worth going into the store and trying them on. As I’ve said, some tops can feel way too big, while others are super tight.

Dresses are generally true to size and I’ve had no issues, while outerwear is usually on the smaller side.

I find Mango’s skirts on the small side in terms of length, but they usually fit around the waist correctly.

Zara vs Mango sizes

Zara has often been called out for its sizes running small. Compared to Zara, Mango definitely fits better in my personal opinion, but they’re pretty similar.

I know it’s not ideal, but as I’ve said before I really recommend trying before you buy to avoid this being an issue.

What size do Mango models wear?

Mango doesn’t state what sizes their models wear, so any suggestions would be guess work.

While it could be assumed they’re wearing size small, items are often clipped to look as good as possible.

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Here are the details of the Mango Black Friday sale 2021.

Do Mango coats run big or small?

It’s always a good idea to buy bigger sizes in outerwear at Mango, but also from any brand.

Usually you’ll want to layer knits under your coats, so it’s good to have the room under your coat to do so.

Mango size guide

You can see Mango’s detailed size guide on the brand’s website.

Here the brand goes through every item they sell, from shoes to clothes like jumpsuits, coats and dresses, and offers detailed measurements to help shopping from the brand easier.