What Do Circles, Triangles and Squares on Zara Labels Mean?

Zara labels explained.
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Ever wondered what those random shapes mean on Zara’s clothing labels?

TikTokers have discovered circles, triangles and squares on their Zara clothes and offered up an explanation about what they really mean that could help you pick the right sizing when shopping.

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If true, this would be particularly useful if you don’t have time to try clothing on in store or if changing rooms close again.

Zara dress label

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Zara Labels Explained

TikTok account Officially_ Outfits recently shared a video that claims there’s secret clothing symbols on Zara’s labels.

They suggest that a grey square on your label means you should go for your normal size at Zara, while a triangle means that you should size up as these pieces run smaller.

Other users have also suggested a circle means it runs large, so you should size down to achieve the best fit.

While this offers a helpful explanation for the label meanings, Metro has since reported that unfortunately this isn’t quite what they’re intended to achieve.

A spokesperson for the brand told the publication that these refer to Zara’s specific collections: Woman, Basic and TRF.

They said, ‘These symbols reference specific sections within the store to support colleagues in knowing where to place items.

‘Regarding the collections – circle: woman, square: basic and triangle: TRF.’

So instead of sizing, these instead help shop assistants organise the visual merchandising in-store.

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Zara logo on an iPad

Is Zara true to size?

It’s generally believed that Zara’s sizes run on the small side, so it’s better to size up to achieve the best fit when shopping online or trying items on.

Some womenswear pioeces are true to size depending on which section you’re shopping from.

A stylist told OK! magazine, “TRF comes up slightly smaller, Zara woman does come up a little on the generous/ true to size, and Zara basic is just basic and is true to size.”

What’s my size in Zara?

Zara has a handy tool that helps shoppers work out their sizes when shopping online.

You can simply click a size, ranging from XXS to XXL, to find out the exact measurement of the garment.

the brand now has a tool which shows you the exact measurement of each size in the item you’re looking at online.

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