What Do Circles, Triangles and Squares on Zara Labels Mean?

Zara labels explained.

High street brands’ sizing is never simple. While it should be universal, it just isn’t. A size 10 in H&M might be a size 12 in Zara, meaning the best way to find out if something fits is just to try it on – but could there be another way?

You might have noticed some random shapes on Zara’s clothing labels. It’s easy to miss them but some TikTokers have discovered circles, triangles, and squares on their Zara clothes labels and offered up an explanation about what they could really mean.

Yep, these seemingly random shapes could help you work out which size to pick when shopping, reducing the time you spend in the changing rooms.

printed tulle dress on Zara model

If true, this would be particularly useful when shopping in-store, as you won’t have to try on the same item in different sizes. If shopping online, you might need to squint to find the label!

So what do they mean and how can they help you find the right size? Here’s what you need to know.

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What do Zara labels mean?

TikTok account lucyc.jpeg recently shared a video that claims there’s secret clothing symbols on Zara’s labels.

They suggest that a grey square on your label means you should go for your normal size at Zara, while a triangle means that you should size up as these pieces run smaller.

Other users have also suggested a circle means the item runs large, so you should size down to achieve the best fit.

While this offers a potentially helpful explanation for the label meanings, Metro has reported that unfortunately this isn’t quite what they’re intended to achieve.

A spokesperson for the brand told the publication that these refer to Zara’s specific collections: Woman, Basic and TRF.

They said, “These symbols reference specific sections within the store to support colleagues in knowing where to place items.

“Regarding the collections – circle: woman, square: basic and triangle: TRF.”

So instead of sizing, these instead help shop assistants organise the visual merchandising in-store.

woman wears brown zara suit

This is just a myth, but is there a way to reduce the likelihood of picking the wrong size in future?

Is Zara true to size?

It’s generally believed that Zara’s sizes are on the small side, so it’s better to size up to achieve the best fit when shopping online or trying items on.

Some womenswear pioeces are true to size depending on which section you’re shopping from.

A stylist told OK! magazine, “TRF comes up slightly smaller, Zara woman does come up a little on the generous/ true to size, and Zara basic is just basic and is true to size.”

While this is helpful advice, I find from personal experience that the best method for achieving the right fit is always just to try the items on IRL or to order more than one size to ensure you’re not left disappointed. This is an expensive habit though, as Zara doesn’t accept Klarna.

What’s my size in Zara?

If you can’t be bothered to pop into a Zara store and would prefer not to order more sizes and spending more money than you need to, you should try Zara’s handy tool that helps shoppers work out their sizes when shopping online.

On every clothing item online, Zara has a size measuring tool that provides every size in measurements. You can simply click a size, ranging from XXS to XXL, to find out the exact measurement of the garment.

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Should you size up in Zara jeans?

I’ve personally found that Zara jeans fit as expected, but this will vary for different body shapes.

I’m a size 10 and always buy size 10 jeans in Zara, but the fit will vary depending on your waist and leg size. I find the waistband is a little loose for me and the legs fit well, but it might be different for you.

If you find your Zara jeans are too big, I don’t recommend putting them in the dryer to shrink them. While yes, they may seem a little smaller temporarily, this is actually damaging for the denim and will reduce their lifespan dramatically.

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Does Zara do plus size?

Zara doesn’t offer plus size. Its pieces are usually available from size XXS (UK 6) to XXL (UK 18).

Read more about shopping Zara if you’re plus size.

Is Zara size inclusive?

Zara has improved its size range. The brand didn’t carry larger sizes in the past, but a Spanish teenager named Anna Riera launched a petition in 2016 to ask the brand to update its size range and she succeeded.

“We need to let go of labeling and discriminating against ourselves because we do not wear clothing according to our own physical sizes, but according to our personalities,” Riera said in the petition.

When is the best day to shop at Zara?

An insider told WhoWhatWear that Zara gets restocked on Mondays and Thursdays, making these the best days to shop in their stores.

Apparently the worst day is Saturday – presumably because it’s such a busy shopping day that all the stock goes.

How do I save something on Zara website?

You can keep your favourite items in one place on your Wishlist. Just click on the bookmark icon to add an item to your list. You can delete items whenever you like using the “edit” button.

But putting things on your wishlist doesn’t guarantee the item will stay available forever. You can access your wishlist by simply logging into your account.

What does TRF mean in Zara?

TRF, short for Trafaluc, was previously the budget-friendly division of the brand targeting young women between the ages of 13 and 25. However, it has been recently eliminated from both the brand’s website and app.

You can read more about it here: What Does Zara TRF Actually Mean and What Happened To It?