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What Does Zara TRF Actually Mean and What Happened To It?

The collection explained.

Last Updated on August 15, 2022

Remember Zara’s TRF section?

Not long ago, the brand was split into different brand names both in-store and online. It was a little confusing, but if you were a die hard Zara fan, it was clear it represented different identities within the store.

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You may have noticed TRF has disappeared in recent years and wondered where on Earth it has gone.

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These days the brand has a variety of collections, such as the second Atelier drop that landed just this week, SRPLS and Zara Basic, as well as the more general womenswear, menswear, kidswear, beauty and home sections.

So what happened to TRF? Here’s what we know.

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What happened to TRF?

Zara removed TRF from its online store and app in 2020.

The change coincided with the brand’s logo and website updates, which helped to refresh and modernise the popular high street brand.

What does TRF stand for?

TRF stands for Trafaluc, and referred to the more affordable section aimed at 13-25 year old women before it was removed from the brand’s website and app.

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What does Zara Basic mean?

Then there’s Zara Basic. The Basic collection does what it says on the tin, offering a selection of must-have basics that will work hard in any wardrobe. For example, chic tees, tank tops and sweaters.

What does Zara Join Life mean?

Join Life is Zara’s sustainable collection, which is created using sustainable materials, like recycled wool, sustainable Tencel, and organic cotton, and processes.

According to the brand, they’re aiming to have ‘at least 50%’ of the items they commercialise in 2022 manufactured to the Join Life standard.

See the collection.

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