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Does Glossier do a Boxing Day Sale?

When does the cult-favourite brand hold its sales?

It’s no secret that Glossier products are incredibly popular. From the branding to the products themselves, everything about Emily Weiss’ brand screams cool-girl.

Perhaps the only catch is that Glossier isn’t the cheapest brand around. There are countless think pieces about its pricing and value, but you’ll also often see so many listicles about it with the words ‘investment’ or ‘worth the hype’. 

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So if you’re trying the brand for the first time or just averse to the idea of paying full price for anything, the best way to snap up a Glossier piece is through a sale.

Does it have one for Boxing Day? Find out all the details below.

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Does Glossier do a Boxing Day sale?

It’s safe to say that Glossier is the Zara of beauty when it comes to sales (In case you didn’t know, Zara is notorious for scrimping on discounts).

Before you get the wrong idea though, Glossier does do sales, they’re just limited to two: Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which is pretty common for US-based brands.

Now, the question you’ve been wanting to get an answer for: does it have a Boxing Day sale? Sadly, no. 

So make sure you keep an eye out on BF yearly, where the beauty brand offers up to 20% off on its products.

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What is the Friends of Glossier sale?

In 2021, the brand also launched its Friends of Glossier sale.

It’s the only other sale the brand runs aside from the ones for BF and Cyber Monday.

Like all its other sales, Glossier also offers 20% off on products — all products, except gift cards — during this shopping event.

Make sure you keep an eye out for announcements before June to see if there will be a sequel to this year’s sale.


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