What Does Zara 800 Black Smell Like?

Last Updated on June 20, 2023

If you’re looking for an affordable men’s scent, Zara is the first place to start. 

I recently came across a gem in the men’s section called Zara 800 Black, and I was pleasantly surprised by its incredible scent. It definitely deserves more recognition than it currently receives.

While Zara’s Vibrant Leather fragrance is known for being an excellent and affordable dupe for Creed’s Aventus, it’s worth noting that Zara’s men’s perfume collection has expanded. There are now more perfumes to discover, all of which are worth trying.

800 Black Zara perfume

It’s important to manage expectations regarding performance when it comes to Zara colognes. While many of their fragrances may require reapplication throughout the day to maintain their presence, this is to be expected considering the price point. 

But to level you here, Zara colognes tend to outlast other fragrances in a similar price range, making them a viable and longer-lasting option.

I don’t know about you, but on occasion, I even appreciate wearing fragrances designed for men. This curiosity prompted me to explore the offerings from Zara, and I discovered that they have a range of exceptional options that can be enjoyed by anyone.

Over time, I’ve had the pleasure of trying various fragrances, and one that has become a personal favorite is Navy Black, priced at £12.99. This affordable gem serves as a dupe for Bleu De Chanel, guaranteeing a fantastic choice. 

For those new to Zara’s men’s perfume collection, it’s often a safe bet to start with the brand’s famous dupes for high-end fragrances. However, if you’re looking to venture beyond the well-known choices, Zara 800 Black is also an excellent option to consider.

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What does Zara 800 Black smell like?

Zara 800 Black

800 Black, 80ml for £12.99, Zara – buy now

Zara 800 Black is an eau de toilette with a woody citrus composition. Its fragrance pyramid features invigorating notes of yuzu, saffron, and tonka bean. This scent exudes a sense of power and intensity, making it perfect for evening wear. 

What is Zara 800 black a dupe of?

Pour Homme Eau de Toilette Dolce & Gabbana

Pour Homme Eau de Toilette ml, £63, Dolce & Gabbana – buy now

Zara 800 Black strongly resembles the original Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme, known for its popularity in the late 1990s and early 2000s. 

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