What Does Zara Captivatingly Paris Smell Like?

Smell the City of Love.

Last Updated on June 20, 2023

Zara is not only known for its wide range of affordable fashion, but did you know that they also have an enticing fragrance line? 

One fragrance that stands out from their collection is Captivatingly Paris. 

With its sweet pear, beautiful musk, and light airy rose notes, it offers a delightful and affordable alternative to high-end fragrances. 

Captivatingly Paris Zara Perfume

Whether you’re looking for a romantic scent or simply want to add a touch of elegance to your everyday routine, Captivatingly Paris is surely one to try. 

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What is Zara Captivatingly Paris a Dupe for?

Zara Captivatingly Paris is a Dupe for Givenchy Irresistible

If you love the irresistible and confident feeling that Givenchy Irresistible provides but don’t want to splurge on a high-end fragrance, Captivatingly Paris is your best bet.

Givenchy Irresistible

Irresistible au de Parfum 80ml, Givenchy – buy now

What is the Scent of Zara Captivatingly Paris?

When you take a whiff of Captivatingly Paris, you are immediately transported to the charming streets of Paris. 

The fragrance opens with the sweet and juicy scent of pear, which adds a refreshing and playful touch to the composition. 

As it settles on your skin, the delicate and feminine aroma of rose blooms, enveloping you in its elegant embrace. 

Its balanced by the warm and sensual notes of musk, giving it a touch of sophistication and allure.

Captivatingly Paris Zara

Captivatingly Paris 75ml, £25.99 – buy now

Which Zara Perfume is Sweet?

When it comes to sweet fragrances from Zara, Fabulous Sweet stands out. It features a slightly spicy and juicy fruit composition with luminous notes of pear, mandarin orange, and pink pepper. 

This fragrance adds a touch of playfulness and excitement to your everyday scent.

fabulous sweet zara

Fabulous Sweet, £17.99, Zara – buy now

Which Zara Perfume Smells Like Dior?

Zara is no stranger to creating fragrances that resemble popular high-end perfumes. Another example is Zara Rose, which is said to bear a resemblance to Dior’s J’Adore. 

Both fragrances exude elegance and femininity, making them suitable choices for those who appreciate timeless and sophisticated scents.

Rose Zara Perfume

Rose 90ml, £12.99, Zara – buy now

J'Adore 100ml Dior

J’Adore 100ml, £137, Dior – buy now

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