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This TikToker Has Revealed Why Your Foundation ‘Looks Like Sh*t’

So simple, but so effective.

Last Updated on April 11, 2022

If you’ve ever wondered why your foundation looks patchy, TikTok might have the answer.

The user @marthas__makeup has offered up a gem she learnt as she trained to become a professional make up artist and it could be the key to fixing your dodgy base.

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In the video, she says, “Ok, this is why your foundation looks like sh*t.” Harsh words, but hear her out.

Foundation on a beauty blender

“I’m a professional make up artist and during my courses I learnt a lot of sh*t I knew nothing about,” she continues.

“Yeah, sure – everyone knows you need to prep your skin, you need to use a primer, but the stuff I actually learnt is just next level.

“For example, use an exfoliator before you use make up.” So far, so old news – but there’s more.

“Step number 2 – and this is going to blow your f*cking mind,” she says. “Your foundation and your primer need to be in sync.

“So what that means is that you need to have a water-based foundation and a water-based primer, or an oil-based foundation and an oil-based primer. So if one is oil based and the other is water based, it’s going to look like sh*t instantly.

“We know what happens when we put oil in water, right? It just separates. So the exact same f*cking thing is happening on your face, it separates.”

Martha goes on to explain that you can tell whether your primer and foundation are oil or water-based by reading the ingredients list, which will tell you clearly.

@marthas__makeup This is why your foundation looks like sh*t #beautytok #makeuptutorial #makeuptips #fypシ #viralvideo ♬ Don't You (Forget About Me) – Simple Minds

The video has over 1million likes, but you might be wondering what you’re meant to do if you have a silicone-based foundation.

Panic over, because Martha uploaded another video to explain that the same premise stands. You’ll need to use a silicone-based primer before your silicone-based foundation. Phew!

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