How to work out your size in jeans

Find the perfect denim fit.
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There’s nothing better than a perfectly fitting pair of jeans. Not only are they a wardrobe staple, but they can sculpt your shape and offer comfort.

However working out what size jeans you should wear can be confusing. When they aren’t offered in the sizing we’re accustomed to, it can throw us off.

Once you understand how denim sizing works however, it’s a doddle. Read on how to find out how, as well as a denim sizing calculator and size chart.

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How do I figure out my jeans size?

The easiest way to work out your jeans size is by measuring your waist and the length of your legs with a measuring tape, or by measuring a pair of perfectly fitting jeans you already own. Then enter your measurements into the calculator below.

To measure your waist, find the circumference of your belly by placing the tape masure at the level of your belly button.

If measuring jeans, lay them flat on a surface and measure their width from left to right, at the level of the waist button, over the zipper.

When you find the perfect fit, double the jeans’ width to get your waist length.

To measure the length of your legs, measure from your groin to the desired length of your jeans. If measuring your jeans, measure their inner length by following the inner seam, to the bottom of the leg.

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Jeans Size Calculator

Jeans Size Calculator

While some jeans come in regular UK sizes such as 6 or 16, many offer more precise sizing.

For example, a size 10 is a jeans size 28. However if you find you’re in-between sizes, a waist 29 pair of jeans equates to a size 11. A size 12 would wear a jeans size 30, but a size 31 in jeans equates to a size 13 in regular UK sizing.

This system means you can find the best fit for your waist, without denim being a little loose or tight.

Jeans size chart

Jeans (in inches)2324 – 2526 – 2727 – 2829 – 3031 – 3232 – 33

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