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Where to Recycle Your Old Shoes (and Get Paid for It)

Clear wardrobe, clear head.

Having a wardrobe declutter before summer officially hits? Chances are you’ve got some old shoes lying around that need to be put out of their misery (yes, I’m talking about that purple pair of Converse that have been collecting dust for a decade).

As shoes are made up of a range of materials (plastic, rubber, leather you name it!) you can’t just toss them in the bin alongside yesterday’s lunch, they need to be disposed of correctly.

If your kicks still have a bit of kicking left in them, you can donate them to a friend/family member or drop them off at a charity shop so they can go to a new loving home.

Where To Recycle Your Old Shoes in the UK

But if your shoes are on their last legs, do not fear! Many high-street stores will jump at the chance to take them. And the best part? You might even get money or store credit for it! But first thing’s first…

When should you get rid of old shoes?

There are a few signs that it’s time to part ways with a pair of shoes. Firstly, if your feet consistently hurt when you wear them. Secondly, if the support and cushioning of the shoe starts to become compressed, and the material doesn’t bounce back as it used to. Thirdly, they might just be falling apart e.g. sole coming loose, holes in the material etc.

If any of that sounds familiar, the time has come to gather up your tired trainers and scuffed sandals as we’ve got the 101 on how and where you can recycle your old shoes.

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Where to recycle old shoes

Most recycling centres accept old or unwanted shoes and boots, or they can be donated to a charity shop or deposited in a bring bank. Recycle Now can help you find the nearest recycling facility in your area, especially if your shoes are too worn-out to be donated.

It’s best to sort your shoes into pairs and put them in a bag before donating them. Your shoes may be sent abroad for reuse or recycling responsibly.

You can drop off your old shoes at Sal’s Shoes. The UK-based organisation has been working to give shoes to children in over 50 countries for more than 30 years.

Sal’s Shoes has donated more than three million pairs of shoes, which it purchases with the help of donations from people like you. When you donate, you can help kids have a better chance of getting an education.

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Schuh’s Sell Your Soles scheme

Schuh are offering £5 of store credit for every old pair of trainers or shoes you bring into store. You can either redeem the voucher online or in-store when you drop off your item.

Adidas’ Give Back scheme

Adidas want to ‘give your gear a future’ through this scheme. They are encouraging everyone to send them out-of-use shoes and clothes (from any brand and in any condition) so they can be reused or resold.

All you need to do is download the Adidas app and send your items off to redeem membership points and Adidas vouchers.

Asics’ recycling programme

If you have a pile of old shoes lying around, you might want to donate them to Asics’ recycling programme. They welcome every shoe from every brand. Like Adidas, you can also get a voucher when you donate shoes.

Shoes in good condition are often resold, while those worn or damaged are reused as dishcloths or toy stuffing.

You can drop off your old shoes at any Asics store.


Clarks’ Shoeshare programme

Unicef has partnered with Clarks, helping customers to donate shoes to its Shoeshare programme.

The company donates a pair of shoes for every tonne of Clarks shoes collected, a process which began in 2008. Since then, the scheme has raised more than £1.6 million to help give every child access to quality education.

You can drop off your shoes at any Clark store. Here’s their store locator tool to help you find the nearest.

Nike’s recycling scheme

Nike offer to recycle or donate any brand of athletic trainers and clothing. All you need to do is drop off your gear off at a participating Nike retail store.

Please note:

Most stores accept any brand of athletic sneakers, but they don’t accept sandals, dress shoes, boots or shoes with metal (like studs or spikes). Check with your local Nike store to see if they accept shoes for recycling.

Selected stores also accept any brand of athletic tops or bottoms, but they don’t accept socks, underwear or clothes with metal fittings (like press studs, zips or buttons).

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