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14 of the Prettiest (and Most Practical) Machine Washable Rugs to Make Your House a Home

Lindsey Isla on why every home needs one.

Last Updated on June 23, 2022

Question. Is a room really a room without a rug? Personally, I don’t think so. 

A rug can transform a space; it’s one of those finishing touches that makes a house feel like a home.

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For the colour-conscious, those who prefer a softer pallet on the walls for example, a rug can be a great way to update a space and inject a bit of flair and personality. 

Thanks to the pesky pandemic, over the past couple of years we’ve spent more time in our homes than ever.

Great for the hermits among us, but not so great for general wear and tear of our spaces – my oven looked so much better when I didn’t actually have to use it. Yes, I did like to think of myself as Carrie Bradshaw, okay?! 

For rooms that are feeling a little rough around the edges, a fresh rug can be a fast and cost effective way of neatening things up a little.

Tired floorboards? Worn out carpet? Throw a rug over the top – all of a sudden, Bob’s your Uncle. 

I don’t know about you, but I was one of those renovators; I thought original floorboards would be a great idea. However one winter down, a rise in gas prices and a couple of mice later, I’m questioning my ‘design’ choices.

A large rug can definitely keep the heat in and deter any unwanted visitors creeping through the gaps. 

There is one issue though. You might be imagining kicking off your slippers and placing your bare feet onto a soft cream, plush carpet when in reality, rugs can be home to pet hair, wine stains and footprints. 

I, unlike the mice in my kitchen, have fallen for the trap and promise of what a new rug could bring me, only to discover a month down the line it was looking pretty tired and dirty.

Okay, maybe I didn’t want to ask my guests not to drink wine in the lounge, nor did I want to remove my shoes when I came in but you know what, sometimes I feel as though it would be less effort to run a marathon than to take my DMs off at the door. 

There is an answer to this problem though because I’ve discovered machine washable rugs. You heard me right, machine washable rugs.

Now you can live carefree in your own home, free to roam, spill and dance to your heart’s content with your ten cats and house parties every weekend. 

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But before you do a deep dive into the list below, there are a few things to consider before whacking the first washable rug you see through PayPal.

Firstly, is the rug going to fit into your washing machine or will you have to take it to the local laundrette? Not a huge deal, but something to consider when choosing the colour.

A darker colour or pattern might need a few less trips into the machine than a Kim K-esque boucle number.

Secondly, do you have pets? Are their albeit cute but sharp little claws going to snag a woven masterpiece? Then a flat weave might be better. 

And lastly, do you need to purchase an anti-slip backing? Some come with and some don’t – bear this in mind when you’re working out your budget. 

Okay, glad we cleared that up. Now scroll below for some of my favourites.

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Shop machine washable rugs

Lorena Canals-Washable Area Rug. Collection Bereber in color Natural and Black-Handmade by artisans in Rectangular shape and made in Natural Cotton and Non-Toxic Dyes-Size:4'7"x6'7" Amazon

Lorena Canals-Washable Area Rug, from £404.38, Amazon – buy now

Caimas Collection Washable Rugs in Black | 2980B

Caimas Collection Washable Rugs in Black, from £39.90, The Rugs – buy now

Soft Shaggy Collection Machine Washable in Pink | 200P

Soft Shaggy Collection Machine Washable in Pink, from £9.95, The Rugs – buy now

Atlas Collection Soft Washable Rugs & Runners Vintage Design | 118M

Atlas Collection Soft Washable Rugs & Runners Vintage Design, from £59.90, The Rugs – buy now


Trellis Washable Rug in Pink, from £72, Rug Guru – buy now

Brambach Power Loom Light Grey/Ivory Rug

Brambach Power Loom Light Grey/Ivory Rug, £55.99, Wayfair – buy now

Washable Alja Silky Tufted Navy Blue Rug

Washable Alja Silky Tufted Navy Blue Rug, £56.99, Wayfair – buy now

Moroccan Zigzag Plush Rug Ruggable

Moroccan Zigzag Plush Rug, £229, Ruggable – buy now

Washable Toshiro Plain Turquoise Rug Wayfair

Washable Toshiro Plain Turquoise Rug, £93.99, Wayfair – buy now

Cambria Ruby Rug Ruggable

Cambria Ruby Rug, £319, Ruggable – buy now

Kilim Batik Multicolour Rug

Kilim Batik Multicolour Rug, £229, Ruggable – buy now


Trellis Washable Rug in Gold, from £72, Rug Guru – buy now

Jonathan Adler Op Art Charcoal Rug Ruggable

Jonathan Adler Op Art Charcoal Rug, £279, Ruggable – buy now

Suzani Purple Rug Ruggable

Suzani Purple Rug, £229, Ruggable – buy now

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