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13 Interiors Trends Experts Are Backing For 2023

It's going to be a colourful year.

Last Updated on September 22, 2022

Ready for a refresh or just desperate to know what’s popular?

Take a look at my list below. You’ll find thirteen of the most up-to-date trends in the interiors world right now. 

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Tufted Everything

Tufted rugs have been bang on trend for a while now – have you searched #tuftock on TikTok recently? There’s 3 hours of my life I won’t get back.

Well, it seems this was only the beginning of our new found love for carpet, it’s getting bigger, shaggier and more colourful.

It’s creeping onto the walls, around mirrors and even onto furniture and upholstery.

If ever there was a trend to divide opinion, surely it’s going to be this one?

I own a tufted rug mirror and I have carpet on my walls already so I’m sure you can guess what side I’m on. #tuftock all the way! 

The Gina Mirror Al's Place

The Gina Mirror, £350, Al’s Place – buy now

Checkerboard rug Etsy

Checkerboard rug, £500, Peachy Panther at Etsy – buy now

Candy Colours 

Oh boy! I’m excited about this trend.

I am so happy to see colourful homes being embraced properly. Finally, brands are starting to offer pieces in colours other than black, white or grey.

Expect to see popping pinks, electric blues and toy reds packing punches into living spaces from here on out. 

Chub mug MADE

Chub mug, £25, MADE – buy now

the neon matisse pillow you know you always needed

The neon matisse pillow you know you always needed, £39, Wilder Home – buy now

Small glass vase H&M

Small glass vase, £12.99, H&M – buy now

Mint Green 

Green is such a popular colour, we’ve been seeing it in spaces for quite some time now but sage green and deep jade are stepping aside for fresh mint.

While other shades of green might be a bit more forgiving, minty green can be a bit tricky.

It can add a new lease of life in an already light room but anywhere dark or dreary and it will do just the opposite. 

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Tube earthenware candleholder 5.5cm HAY at Selfridges

Tube earthenware candleholder 5.5cm, £16, HAY at Selfridges – buy now

Wooden Desk Kailo Style Sklum

Wooden Desk Kailo Style, £169.95, Sklum – buy now


To me, terracotta is one of the most exotic colours; it screams warmth and holiday and loveliness when I look at it.

Since it’s been harder to travel due to the pandemic, it’s no wonder this colour’s popularity is on the rise – it really does bring the holiday ‘home’. 

Always Pan cast aluminium and ceramic cooking pan 54.6cm

Always Pan cast aluminium and ceramic cooking pan 54.6cm, £125, Our Place – buy now

Orange 04 Lick

Orange 04 Paint, £42, Lick – buy now

Craft Renaissance 

I can’t pretend crafting was cool when I was growing up, but is that changing?

As a complete antithesis to being glued to our phones, it seems people are swapping scrolling for sewing, painting and pottery.

Hand-made ceramics are on the mantelpiece, homemade art is on the walls and crochet cushions are on the sofa. 

Rainbow Cushion Crochet Kit

Rainbow Cushion Crochet Kit, £39.99, Wool Couture Company – buy now

Candle making kit

Candle making kit, £29, Sculpd – buy now

Mature Trees 

These days, house plant owners talk with more fondness for their plants than their children. Is this the beauty of loving something that doesn’t cry or need a nappy change?

While house plants are still popular, their bigger, leafier cousins are making their way into places.

This trend is all about strengthening our connection to nature in a big (leafy) way, soon we won’t be able to move for trees – which is no bad thing IMO.  

Ficus Moclame

Ficus Moclame, £64.99, Hortology – buy now

Stylish 70s Groove 

70s Groove is all about creating a sophisticated party at home with bright colours, close to the ground sofas and furniture with lots of curves.

Think 70s but without it looking like a film set; upcycled furniture is polished rather than shabby chic and retro patterns are glamorous and mature. 

Marbled plant pot MADE

Marbled plant pot, £40, MADE – buy now

Jual Retro Modular Bookshelf BS201 - Oak

Jual Retro Modular Bookshelf BS201 – Oak, £389, Furnish – buy now

New Boucle

We can all breathe a sigh of relief, white boucle is on its way out.

As beautiful as this fabric is – I love texture as much as the next gal – it’s hard to keep clean, especially now we’re all pet parents.

Fear not though, we’ll still see lots of boucle around it’ll just be in different (more practical) colours.

Habitat Cole Boucle Accent Chair - Khaki

Cole Boucle Accent Chair – Khaki, £190, Habitat – buy now

High Shine 

Reflective surfaces are having their moment, be that on sculptures, furniture or incorporating lots of mirrors.

Again, maybe not the most practical when it’s in your home (nobody wants to be wiping away fingerprints off cabinets 24/7) but it is a great way of bouncing around light and making rooms feel bigger. 

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Post three-legged small fibreboard coffee table 65cm

Post three-legged small fibreboard coffee table 65cm, £655, Ferm Living – buy now

swirly modular coffee table Wilder Home

Swirly modular coffee table, £314, Wilder Home – buy now


When I say ‘core, I’m talking about Barbiecore and cottagecore, two strong aesthetic trends idealising a particular way of life. These trends have transcended fashion into lifestyle and interiors.

Hyper-femininity is popping up at a really interesting time so get ready to welcome ditsy florals, frilly cushions, wicker baskets while simultaneously enjoying stilettos, mini dresses and all pink everything. 

Patterned cotton fitted sheet H&M

Patterned cotton fitted sheet, £9.99, H&M – buy now

Lowes Vintage Purple Glass Water Jug

Lowes Vintage Purple Glass Water Jug, £24.50, Oliver Bonas – buy now

Colourful Kitchens 

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s certainly my favourite place to be, so it’s wonderful to see an injection of colour in this space.

Cabinets, walls and worktops are all being splashed with colour.

Want to know what I really love about this trend though? It isn’t reserved for one style; traditional, modern and industrial are all handling colourful makeovers. 

Gluggle Jugs Oliver Bonas

Gluggle Jugs, £27, Oliver Bonas – buy now

Colored Glass 4-pack NA-KD Home

Colored Glass 4-pack, £46.95, NA-KD Home – buy now

Sustainability & Reimagining Waste 

Sustainability is hot in the interiors world right now (and rightly so), with designers moving towards ‘slow design’.

This means reworking what we already have; upcycling ideas and recycling materials.

Little Greene Paint company is a great example of this: they’ve introduced a brand new colour range from unwanted and leftover paints.

Re:mix Sage Green

Re:mix Sage Green, £28, Little Greene Paint – buy now

Statement lighting 

As someone who despises having the big light on, lighting is super important to me. It feels like all I’ve done is invest in lamps recently but that’s a story for another day.

Lamps and lighting are taking on a more sculptural shape right now – they look good even when they’re turned off.

We’ve also witnessed a rise in the ‘it’ lamp, like the glass mushroom and the Scandi inspired acrylic dome – you know the one? 

lil retro cloud lamp

Lil retro cloud lamp, £66, Wilder Home – buy now

Presley Yellow Stripe Glass Desk & Table Lamp Oliver Bonas

Presley Yellow Stripe Glass Desk & Table Lamp, £185, Oliver Bonas – buy now

Main image credit: Frederik Vercruysse for H&M

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