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Here’s your first look at Arket’s sustainable Patchwork Denim collection

The capsule collection is made using vintage fabrics.

Last Updated on March 17, 2021

If you’re on the hunt for sustainable denim you’re in luck, as Arket has dropped their Patchwork Denim capsule collection today.

The 8-piece collection has been made using post-consumer denim collected from the brand’s recycling program with I:Collect. Every old denim garment used has been washed, sorted, cut up into patches and used to form large sheets of irregular fabric shapes.

The fabrics have then been used to create one-of-a-kind patchwork bucket hats, skirts, jackets, jeans and tote bags for women and children, which form Arket’s latest sustainable collection.

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It’s important to note that denim is one of the fashion industry’s most damaging fabrics due to the processes involved in manufacturing it.

It uses 2,630 litres of water in the manufacturing process per pair, and with 2 billion pairs now made every single year, it racks up.

2 million tonnes of chemicals and 1.4 million tonnes of raw cotton are also used to produce denim every year, making it one of the worst offender’s for pollution and consumption.

Fortunately brands are catching on. Arket is following in the footsteps of Scandi brand GANNI, which teamed up with Levi’s last month to produce a sustainable vintage-look denim collection.

Meanwhile there are plenty of stylish sustainable denim brands you can shop from here.

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Buy now: Womenswear

pdp gallery image

Patchwork Denim Oversized Tote Bag, £69, Arket – buy now

arket STRAIGHT CROPPED Patchwork Denim Jeans

Patchwork Denim Jeans, £99, Arket – buy now

Patchwork Denim Midi Skirt arket

Patchwork Denim Midi Skirt, £99, Arket – buy now

arket Patchwork Denim Cropped Jacket

Patchwork Denim Cropped Jacket, £115, Arket – buy now

pdp gallery image

Buy now: Childrenswear

arket Patchwork Denim Wide Jeans

Patchwork Denim Wide Kids Jeans, £55, Arket – buy now

arket Patchwork Denim Overshirt

Patchwork Denim Overshirt, £69, Arket – buy now

arket 1/3
Patchwork Denim Bucket Hat

Patchwork Denim Bucket Hat, £29, Arket – buy now

Arket’s Patchwork Denim collection is sold exclusively online.

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