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Best Dresses For Big Busts 2023 – 4 Styles That Always Work

And where to buy them.

Last Updated on November 1, 2023

If you’ve got big boobs, you might be wondering which tops to invest in to flatter your shape. While the best way to work out what suits your figure is always to try clothes on in person, there are some shapes that definitely work for those with big busts – whether you want to show off what you’ve got or minimise it.

Here, I’m sharing the best dress shapes for bigger busted ladies that work every time to take the stress out of getting dressed in the morning. We’ve all worn clothes that we’ve later looked back on and cringed at, but when you know how to dress well for your shape it makes everything so much easier. It’s all about trial and error (and good advice).

Obviously how flattering a dress will be will depend on various factors, not just the size of your chest. Think about your height, skin tone and body shape, which will all have an impact too. But with a little bit of thought, I’m certain this list will help you discover a few styles you can wear. If you want more advice, check out our edit of the best jumpers for big boobs too.

Emily Ratajkowski wearing an asymmetric dress

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Wrap dresses

You probably already know that wrap dresses are a really safe bet for those with larger chests. Unlike tent dresses that can often make you look bigger than you are, wrap dresses create an hourglass silhouette by pulling in your waist. They’re not too tight either, so they glide over your hips to create a streamlined shape.

Unlike those with smaller chests, you can wear these without worrying about gaping up top. Just make sure you get the right size.

V-neck dresses

Just like V-neck jumpers, V-neck dresses will look great on you. Open necklines are always great for big busts, as they avoid too much bulky fabric around your chest but also create a vertical line that lengthens your body. This actually makes your chest look a little bit smaller and generally makes you look slimmer. This isn’t necessary of course, but when many alternatives actually add bulk to your shape, it’s a good option.

Asymmetric dresses

Asymmetric dresses offer balance, drawing the attention away from your chest to other areas of your body and making your proportions appear more even. Like V-necks, this can also give a slimming effect as the eye is drawn diagonally across the body.

Fit and flare dresses

Fit and flare dresses give a tighter fit at the top, with a full skirt. This can be really flattering, as like many of the other styles I’ve already mentioned, it creates an hourglass silhouette by emphasising the waist. This too balances out your proportions, while the full skirt creates a beautiful line down the hips.

Which dresses should you avoid?

There’s no hard and fast rule for what dresses you should avoid. At Wear Next, we encourage you to wear what makes you feel most comfortable and confident regardless of what anybody else thinks. If you’re wondering which styles generally don’t work for those with big busts though, I have some pointers.

Empire waist dresses

Empire waist dresses have a tight-fitting bodice around the boobs and a belt directly underneath them, around the waist. This usually emphasises your chest, which doesn’t have to be a bad thing – but if you’re trying to minimise attention on them, these should be avoided.

Low cut dresses

Again, if you want to show off your boobs, go right ahead – but some really low cut dresses might not be as flattering as you might think. Wearing them can make your chest the focal point of your outfit too, which some people might want to avoid.

Tent dresses

Tent dresses have no waistline, which usually means the fabric uses your chest like a shelf and makes you look way bigger than you actually are. These tend to be most flattering on those with small boobs, as they sit much closer to the body.

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