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COS joins sustainable fashion movement and Launches resell platform

In with the old, out with the new.

Last Updated on October 21, 2020

Oxfam’s Second Hand September initiative has inspired many fast-fashion addicts to try out sustainable fashion, with charity shops, reselling sites and rental being the first port of call – but now fashion brands are getting involved in sustainable fashion directly.

Everyone’s favourite Scandi brand Ganni launched a rental range of denim Ganni Repeat in November last year, while even Selfridges now has a rental concession from HURR in-store.

Now COS have followed suit by launching Resell, a platform that allows customers to upload pre-owned items or buy second-hand from other COS fans.

While the Buy section of Resell isn’t yet live, the Sell section is open for customers to upload their available items – so if you’re looking to make a quick buck from your wardrobe, you know what to do.

Many fashion-lovers have started demanding change from fashion brands and it’s great to see them listening.

The H&M Group, who own brands including COS, & Other Stories, Monki and Weekday, have pledged to be 100% ‘climate positive’ by 2040 by using renewable energy and increasing energy efficiency in all its operations. 

By 2030, the group have pledged to make the first two tiers of its supply chain climate neutral by 2030 and they also aim to use 100% recycled or sustainable materials exclusively by 2030.

Meanwhile Oxfam are this month encouraging shoppers not to buy anything new for Second Hand September, with Michaela Coel fronting the campaign.

We’re waiting with baited breath for the moment we can get shopping, but in the meantime, Depop and eBay are where it’s at!

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