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Does Ganni Run Large Or Small? Everything You Need To Know About Their Sizing

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Last Updated on December 16, 2022

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll be well acquainted with Ganni, but if you’ve never bought from the brand before, you might be wondering which size to pick.

While the majority of us now shop online rather than in-store, it’s not without complications. You can’t buy multiple sizes without spending half your monthly salary, and while paying with Klarna is an option, many choose to avoid it for fear of it impacting their credit rating.

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So why not do your research? That’s what I’ve been doing, reading countless forums and Reddit threads, as well as drawing from my personal experience of the Danish brand’s sizing.

Woman wearing ganni pieces

If you want to be a #GanniGirl, here’s everything you need to know about the brand’s sizing.

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Does Ganni run large or small?

The Danish brand uses European sizing and they offer EU sizes 32 to 56 (UK size 4 to 16).

According to several reviews, Ganni’s pieces run very true to size. A few garments can run big or small depending on the style and fabric, although usually the roomier pieces are meant to look that way.

A few mentioned that their silk dresses and bodycon-style dresses can feel quite tight, so a lot of reviewers advise to size up. Their clothes were also design based on the standard height of 170 cm (5’6″ ft), so if you’re on the taller side, their dresses will run short.

Woman wearing black turtleneck from Ganni

Their more relaxed and oversized items run quite big, but if you’re into loose fits then you can just go with your usual size or size down if you want avoid a baggy look.

Reviews also mentioned that their denim fits quite well and is true to size. Some of their skirts can fall short on taller frames, so sizing up is recommended.

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What size do Ganni models wear?

Every item on Ganni’s website has size details listed, which includes the fit of the item, whether it’s formfitting and what type of fabric is used. The Danish brand also shares the height of the model and the size they’re wearing.

You can find it under “Size & Fit” and there will be a pop-up of all the details that will guide you in finding the right size.

Do Ganni coats run big or small?

The coats and jackets run quite big. If you’re petite, you have to remember that the Danish brand have garments that were designed for a looser fit, so you will need to size down.

If you’re taller and have longer limbs, their coats might sit far too short, so you might need to size up.

You can also buy two different sizes of the same item if you’re buying online, but the best way to know if they fit well is going to their physical stores.

model wearing jacket from ganni

Is Ganni high quality?

Yes! If there’s one thing a lot of online reviews agree on is that their quality and designs are top notch. They’re definitely worth the money.

Many of their pieces go through a ‘life’ test, like doing everyday chores and commuting in the clothes to ensure you can move freely in the garment.

So when the brand says their garments are designed for comfort, they truly mean it.

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Ganni size guide

You can find a detailed size guide here.

Many pieces are designed uniquely. We recommend you also refer to their ‘Size & Fit’ guide and measurements listed in the description.

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