Does Gucci Accept Klarna?

Can you buy now and pay later for Gucci?

Last Updated on May 26, 2023

Shopping designer fashion doesn’t come cheap, so if you’re looking for a way to break up the cost of an item from brands like Gucci, you might want to use Klarna.

More and more brands are now offering Klarna as a payment method. While it’s been heavily criticised, there’s no denying that it can come in very handy.

If you’re not familiar with Klarna, it’s a payment method that allows you to place an order and pay for it up to 30 days later. There’s also an option to pay in 3, which can break up a big cost and make it easier to pay.

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This is also particularly handy if you’re waiting for payday, or would rather try before you buy. Shopping online does make things so much quicker and easier, but it can be really annoying when you shell out for an item, only to find it doesn’t fit.

Brands that offer it include Zara, H&M and Farfetch – but what about Gucci?

If you’ve got your eyes on those Gucci sandals, you might want to know. Keep reading to find out.

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Does Gucci accept Klarna?

There’s good news and bad news.

Sadly, the designer doesn’t accept Klarna as a payment method. They do accept Visa, MasterCard, Paypal, American Express, Wire Transfer and Apple Pay.

Luckily, there are plenty of other stockists of Gucci that do accept Klarna, like Farfetch. The online marketplace offers so much Gucci, you won’t know where to begin.

Does Gucci work with Afterpay?

Like Klarna, Afterpay is another payment method that allows shoppers to pay for an order in four instalments.

However Gucci doesn’t accept this as a payment method.

Which stockists accept Klarna?

As well as Farfetch, Net-a-Porter and Harrods accept Klarna as a payment method – and they both stock Gucci.

Which other luxury brands accept Klarna?

You’d be surprised at how many luxury brands do take it as a payment method.

These include:

Does Dior take Klarna?

Hate to be a bearer of another bad news, but Dior does not currently support Klarna as a payment option. However, there are numerous retailers where you can find Dior products and conveniently use Klarna for your purchases.

Notably, like Gucci, Farfetch and Net-a-Porter are among the retailers that stock Dior and accept Klarna.