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Does Primark Do Click and Collect in The UK?

Has the brand finally introduced shopping online?

Last Updated on April 13, 2023

If you don’t live near a Primark, the fact the brand only caters to physical shoppers than be frustrating.

Click and collect bridges online shopping and in-store browsing, usually making postage free too – but does Primark extend this option to its customers?

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The brand has always opted to ignore the rise in online shopping, instead keeping physical stores their main focus. During the pandemic, this lost them £800million as they were forced to close during lockdown.

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It’s not exactly hard to see why they may benefit from adding online shopping as an option, although they refused to do so during the pandemic.

Fans of the brand started getting excited when they remodelled their website in November 2022, finally offering a glimpse of what’s in-store, online. The website crashed as so many users flocked to check it out.

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Does Primark do click and collect?

If you’re a fan of Primark, you’ll know how frustrating it is that you can only buy their products in physical stores.

The affordable brand recently updated its website, making it much clearer to see which products are in stores now.

The brand recently introduced click and collect to 25 stores across the UK, including those in Manchester, Liverpool, Blackpool and Sheffield.

Unfortunately it isn’t available at every store. You can see the full list of stores here.

One of the many benefits of click-and-collect services is the potential to significantly reduce plastic waste. For instance, implementing a ‘no-bag’ initiative in click-and-collect services like M&S has done, can result in the avoidance of 10 million units of plastic annually.

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What is click and collect?

Click and collect allows you to place an order online to be delivered either to a local store or a designated delivery spot.

This is usually free and allows you to order an item without the need to be at home, waiting for it to arrive.

How does click and collect work in Primark?

With a minimum order value of only £10, you can order your favourite items online and pick them up in-store, all free of charge. 

Plus, if you happen to spot some extra goodies while you’re browsing, you can add them to your order and pay for them all at once when you collect.

Do you pay when you click and collect?

No, you do not typically pay when you choose click and collect as there are no delivery costs associated with it. 

This option allows you to order online and then pick up the purchased items in person at a designated location, which can lead to savings for businesses.

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