Does Zara Take Old Clothes? Everything You Need To Know About the Clothes Collection Programme

Drop off old clothes at Zara.

Last Updated on December 16, 2021

When you go to Zara, more often than not you have one thing in mind – and that’s buying new clothes.

But have you ever tried taking your old clothes to one of the Spanish brand’s stores? If you’ve ever wondered if Zara takes old clothes to recycle, you’ll be glad to know that they do.

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In the brand’s efforts to become more environmentally-friendly, they offer a clothing collection programme and allow you to drop off old clothes from any brand in store too.

Woman wears Zara clothing

Here’s what you need to know.

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Does Zara take old clothes to be recycled?

Quick answer: yes! The giant retailer accepts old clothes for recycling. 

The initiative is called the Zara Clothes Collection Programme and it’s available in select stores. Make sure you check out if it’s available in one near you; here’s the list of participating stores.

Once you’re sure of where to take your clothes, just put them in a sealed package and drop them off. And, no, the clothes don’t need to be from Zara. You can take any old clothing you want to donate.

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Garments made of 100% cotton, wool or polyesters can be recycled into new clothing, while clothing made of other materials will be sent for use in the construction and automotive industries.

If the clothes don’t make the cut, they will undergo a ‘rigorous waste management procedure’, according to Zara.

women wearing zara pieces

Does Zara take other items?

Yes, you can donate other items too. The brand accepts footwear, accessories, jewellery, and house linen.

Where does Zara donate their clothes?

Zara has partnered with various organisations to take the old clothes shared through them. The recipients of the items are Caritas, Oxfam, the Red Cross, and the Salvation Army, according to Who What Wear.

Aside from this initiative, Zara also has a Join Life collection. All items are made (in part) of recycled materials.

Learn more about Zara’s sustainability and ethical practises here.

Can my old clothes be collected?

If you live in London, Zara offers a home collection service.

You have to have made a purchase however, and when your order is delivered, the courier will collect your old items to be donated simultaneously.

The items must be placed inside a sealed package.