5 Reasons Why I’m Recommending the H&M Membership to Everyone I Know

Save money as you shop.

Last Updated on April 21, 2023

Last year I started hearing more about H&M’s membership scheme.

Never one to miss out on a good deal, I started to look into it to work out whether it was worth doing.

Whenever you hear about memberships or schemes from fashion brands, it seems too good to be true. Usually you have to pay to join or you find yourself signing up for some kind of store credit card that inevitably ruins your credit rating when you find yourself unable to pay it off.

I have to say though, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the H&M membership scheme. I haven’t been sponsored by H&M to write this – I really just want to share what I’ve discovered so you too can save some pennies and reap the benefits.

A photo of H&M models wearing summer apparel

From personal experience, I’ve discovered that this one is actually well worth doing if you’re a long-term shopper at H&M.

If you’re wondering what on earth it is and why you should join, keep scrolling to read more about the benefits.

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It’s free

Yup, you don’t need to pay anything to become an H&M member. Simply join H&M’s membership by creating an account via the H&M app or at hm.com.

There’s no hidden costs or fees associated with an account, but you will receive member emails. You can unsubscribe at any time of course, and you’ll still be a member.

You earn money while you shop

This is where it gets really good. You collect points for every purchase (both in-store and online), and these points then turn into vouchers.

Every £1 spent is 1 point and you receive a £3 voucher for every 100 points you collect, so if you spend a lot at H&M, it adds up.

Other ways to rack up your points include inviting your friends and family to become members; you’ll earn 50 points for every new member that completes their first purchase.

Once you’ve earned 300 points, you’ll automatically become an H&M Plus member, which unlocks even more rewards.

You get 10% off when you join

You’ll get a 10% discount when you join and spend over £20, which comes in handy!

You’ll also receive exclusive discounts and early access to selected collections, as well as a cheeky birthday discount of 25% for one item.

You get free delivery

Another great reason to sign up is that you always get free delivery (and click & collect) when you spend £20 or more.

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You get rewarded for making sustainable choices

One thing I love about the H&M membership is that it helps you to make sustainable choices.

As well as spending, you’ll earn points when you do things like recycle old clothes at H&M, buy from their conscious collections and bring your own bags when shopping in-store.

You’ll earn 20 points for recycling your garments and a £5 voucher to use on your next purchase, and 3 for bringing your own bags.

Sign up at hm.com.