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Is Bershka True To Size? Everything You Need To Know About the Brand’s Sizing

We're sizing up the brand's sizing.

Last Updated on September 5, 2023

Wanting to check out an item but doubting if Bershka runs true to size? I’m here to help you figure things out. Online shopping should make buying clothes so much easier, but with the discrepancy of sizing between brands only getting bigger and bigger, it couldn’t be further from the case. Bershka has few stores in the UK, meaning online shopping from the brand is one of your best options. As well as having their own online store, they’re also stocked on ASOS.

Long before online fashion retailers made a huge impact in the buying community, Bershka is the go-to place for hip and young fashionistas. The brand is known for its trendy and modern pieces, from clothing, footwear, and accessories. Also, the brand is generally aimed at young people, hence its funky branding. Interestingly, because of their affordable price points and trendy looks, Bershka now has 1000 stores and counting in various countries worldwide. Plus, customers can also avail of their products online. As for the sizes, there are some things you might consider.

Now, if you’ve been stuck window shopping at Bershka and want to make the jump to invest in one of their pieces, you’re probably wondering if they’re true to size.

Model wearing Bershka Sweatshirt featuring a high neck with a zip

Bershka belongs to the Spanish Inditex Group, which also owns Zara. Unless you’ve never shopped there before, chances are you’ll already know how much Zara has been criticised for its confusing sizes. Retailers are often guilty of being inconsistent when it comes to their sizing. It’s rare that brands are actually true to size, making it confusing for customers and meaning online shopping is harder than it should be.

It’s no secret that the fashion industry has a size diversity problem, but a few brands are actually doing something about it so we don’t necessarily have to go through the hassle of buying multiple sizes just to ensure that something fits.But how does a brand like Bershka measure up? Are their sizes similar to their sister brand Zara and run small, or do some of their pieces run a little too big? We’re answering your questions, below.

Next, did you know that, besides being one of the leading retail brands, Bershka also joined the brands that shifted to sustainable fashion alongside ARKET? Now, going back to Bershka, here are some things that you might consider, especially with their sizing.

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Does Bershka run small?

The unfortunate answer is yes. Many people are calling out the Spanish brand for its small sizing. In this Reddit thread, I found several people sharing their experiences of having to buy two sizes up when shopping at the Inditex brand.

Even their ‘oversized’ items are not necessarily oversized in fit, so it’s still worth sizing up in them too.

Their tops and blouses are comfortable, but they don’t really offer a wide range of sizes. Even their dresses come up short, so if you’re a petite girl like me, you might need to consider buying from their regular range.

Model wearing Bershka pieces

It’s not the most convenient option, but perhaps the foolproof option is to buy two different sizes to ensure you don’t miss out on an item. Buying their jeans and trousers is also no different. They’re said to run extremely small. It’s still worth shopping from their denim range though, as it’s great quality for such an affordable price.

What size do Bershka models wear?

Like many brands, Bershka doesn’t disclose the sizes the models are wearing. Even if we did, it’s worth noting that when shooting e-commerce, the stylists pin and clip the products to look their best anyway.

Do Bershka coats run big or small?

Unfortunately, most of the items in Bershka generally fit small. This sounds drastic, but you might need to order up to two sizes larger than usual. So if you are small, you might as well consider getting medium or large. If you are confused with their sizing, most of their items online include a size guide where you can check the waist and hip measurements for bottoms and the bust measurement for tops. 

Bershka size guide

You can find a detailed size guide for each of their pieces when you click Size Help under their size options. To help you out, here is a conversion of their sizes into UK sizes.

  • XS – UK 4/6
  • S – UK 6/8
  • M – UK 8/10
  • L – UK 10/12
  • XL – UK 12/14

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