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Everything You Need to Know About Nasty Gal’s Sizing

Read before you shop.

Last Updated on March 29, 2023

Over the past few years, Nasty Gal has swiftly grown to become one of the most popular brands on the planet.

The Boohoo-owned label offers trend-led and affordable fashion, and while many have criticised its sustainability and ethics, there’s no denying its accessibility, whether for plus-size women or those on a budget.

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The problem with shopping online however is that you never quite know how something will fit. Should you order your regular size, or get two different sizes to be on the safe side?

cowboy boots nasty gal
Nasty Gal

For years, the fashion industry has been marred by the issue of inconsistent sizing.

A survey conducted by GlobalData has uncovered a striking finding: a whopping 90% of UK shoppers expressed exasperation at the inconsistency in clothing sizes across various retailers.

77.4% of respondents claimed that this issue was enough to make them reconsider purchasing from a particular retailer altogether.

Now that most of us rely on online shopping, this issue has only become more irritating. I’ve been struggling with the fact that I have to return over 50% of what I buy online because of sizing issues.

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While I’d usually recommend going in-store to try the pieces on yourself first, online retailers like Nasty Gal don’t have physical stores, so it pays to give a little more attention to their sizing before buying.

To help you make an informed choice, keep scrolling to discover everything you need to know about their sizing.

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woman wears nasty gal dress
Nasty Gal

Does Nasty Gal run true to size?

Shoppers generally say that Nasty Gal’s sizes are accurate, but it’s worth noting that each person’s body shape is different, so the way their pieces fit might not work for you.

To guarantee a perfect fit, it’s a good idea to to refer to Nasty Gal’s size chart. While it might feel like a boring task having to measure yourself, you’ll thank yourself later.

Is Nasty Gal in UK or US size?

It depends where you’re shopping! If you’re buying in the US, you’ll be able to pick items in US sizing, and it’s the same for the UK.

Nasty Gal proudly produces a substantial portion of their products in the UK, but it doesn’t really mean that these sizes will be completely accurate, as there are no standard sizes in the UK.

Nasty Gal size guide

Take a look at Nasty Gal’s comprehensive size charts to make sure you get the right size. They have these for clothes, shoes and jeans.

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