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Struggling to Find a Pair of & Other Stories Jeans That Fit? Here’s a Guide to Working Out Your Size

Decoding the sizing.

If you’re into denim, you might have noticed that & Other Stories is levelling up when it comes to jeans.

If you’re planning to invest in a pair but don’t know how to work out your size, let me help you.

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Jeans shopping, in general, can be tricky. Even when you think you already know your size, you get an awakening that maybe you weren’t so sure after all. 

Not to cast any doubt on your judgment here! But while sizing should be universal, they still do tend to differ quite a bit depending on the store.

Take Zara and its puzzling shapes on labels, for instance. Did you know about the theory that those shapes are related to sizing?

While & Other Stories jeans don’t have these labels, they do offer a size guide so you can easily find the perfect pair of denim for you. 

How to figure out your jeans size

There are a few different ways to work out your size in jeans, from clothing size or by measuring yourself.

So you can wear the most accurate size, it’s recommended you do the latter.

Start by measuring your waist and the length of your legs. Find the circumference of your belly by placing a tape measure at the level of your belly button. 

You can also measure a pair of jeans you already know and love. Lay them on a flat surface and measure the waist’s width from left to right. Double the number to get your waist size.

For your legs’ length, start measuring from the groin area to your desired jeans length.

Once you’ve taken note of these, you can start finding out which size you are in & Other Stories jeans.

Below is a guide on how to work out your sizing.

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& Other Stories Denim Waist Size Guide

Jeans SizeWaist (in cm)Hip (in cm)

& Other Stories Denim Leg Length Size Guide

Leg SizeInseam (in cm)

Translating Your Clothes Size to Jeans Size

The brand offers sizing based on your waist’s measurement (not the regular sizing where there’s an assigned number such as a US size 10 would mean a UK size 28) as well as leg size. 

You’ll usually see sizes on the label that read something like 28/30, 30/32, etc.

The first digit is for the waist measurement and the second digit is for the leg length.

While the leg length may need to be worked out by trial and error, the waist size can be translated easily.

Waist size 24“: UK size 6

Waist size 26“: UK size 8

Waist size 28“: UK size 10

Waist size 30“: UK size 12

Waist size 32“: UK size 14

Any waist measurements in between will be in between sizes. For example, a 29” waist would fit those in between UK sizes 10 and 12.

This is universal for denim and should help you work out your size across all jeans stores.

Got your size? Check out our edit of & Other Stories jeans next.


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