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Pride 2021: LGBTQ+ owned fashion brands to support now and forever

The LGBTQ+ owned fashion labels to get familiar with.

If you’re looking to support Pride month, the best thing you can do is to buy from LGBTQ+ owned brands – so we’ve selected some of our favourites for you to bookmark now.

As the lockdown begins to ease in the UK, there’s good news about Pride in London as it’s set to return in September 2021.

It will take place on the weekend of 11th and Pride in London explain they’re ‘working closely with the Mayor’s office, Westminster City Council and other key bodies in London to finalise what our plans will look like.’ The parade route will be marching through central London, Piccadilly Circus and around Trafalgar Square, with precise route still being confirmed.

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Despite the change of plans when it comes to the march, Pride month is of course still taking place in June 2021 – meaning we can all get involved in celebrating the LGBTQ+ communities all around the world.

It takes place in June every year to mark the Stonewall protests, which changed gay rights in America and many other countries forever.

Many fashion brands design items, often emblazoned with the Pride flag in June and donate some or all of the proceeds to LGBTQ+ supporting charities – but the best thing you can do is support LGBTQ+ owned brands now and forever.

Here are our favourites to bookmark now.

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Pyramid 7

Pyramid Seven LLC offers boxer briefs for periods, not gender. 

Founded by Zipporah Jarmon, the brand is based in Chicago and its mission is very clear.

“Our mission is to showcase and share stories of all people who menstruate,” its website reads.

“We begin from the premise that there are people who menstruate who may identify anywhere along the gender spectrum. Our underwear allows a person to wear any available menstrual product comfortably inside our boxer briefs without worrying about leakage, bagginess or discomfort.

“We seek to validate our customer’s gender identity and expression every day of the month. Pyramid Seven practices inclusiveness by representing the true faces, bodies, and expressions of people who menstruate.”


Revel & Riot

Revel & Riot offer graphic T-shirts to raise awareness, promote equality, pride, justice and visibility – and each design comes with a story.

While the website offers an array of positive tees to get your hands on, it also offers resources on internalised homophobia, anti-oppression, coming out and much more.



NICOLE ZÏZI STUDIO offers eco-conscious gender-free street-wear and accessories.

The US brand’s designs are minimal and sharp, while its ethics and commitment to sustainability are on point too.

“Every decision I make serves as a motif of my commitment to sustainability,” Nicole says on the website.

“By sourcing recycled, alternative, and natural materials I am able to develop new products that push towards the elimination of environmental pollution. As a nod to circularity, I aim to protect our communities while simultaneously keeping in mind the way each design affects our environment as a whole.”


Wild Fang

Wild Fang was founded in 2013 with the belief that “a woman has the right to wear whatever the hell they want and be whoever the hell they want.”

Its bright and energetic garments have won countless celebrity fans, including Elliot Page, Lizzo and Janelle Monáe, while it’s used its popularity to donate over $500k to charities and organisations supporting reproductive, immigrant, and queer rights.

On its website, the owners write, “We exist to empower every kind of woman to be the best possible version of herself, smashing gender roles and the patriarchy in the process. Our store may be founded upon a woman’s right to menswear, but our core is founded upon a woman’s right to rights.”


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Humankind Swimwear is a gender inclusive and LGBTQ-focused swimwear line, offering a range of comfortable and supportive beachwear for those who struggle to find non-gender conforming options.

Founded by Los Angeles-based Haily Marzullo, the idea for Humankind Swimwear came from to Marzullo’s struggle to find swimwear she felt comfortable in.

The brand states on its website, “Everyday a great number of people, particularly within the LGBTQ community, are faced with a series of hurdles. Because the world is designed with a specific mold, everything, down to the simple things, add up and further isolate individuals.”


We are updating this list. If you have any recommendations, comment below.

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