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Rabanne x H&M Prices – How Much Will The New Collection Cost?

Will the new collection be affordable?

Last Updated on November 7, 2023

H&M is teaming up with Rabanne on their next designer collaboration, set to drop in November 2023 – but how much will the glitzy pieces be? I’ve been obsessed with H&M’s designer collections for years now so I’ve always kept tabs on how much they cost.

I bought a few pieces from the Simone Rocha collection and despite the intricate detail on each piece, I was surprised at how affordable the prices were. I bought the gingham dress with pearl detailing for £89.99, while the most expensive item in the collection was £199.99. Considering Simone Rocha’s current collection tops over £1,000 for a jacket, this was definitely an accessible collection.

H&M’s last designer collection was with Mugler, which landed in May this year. The high street giant released a collection of bodysuits, jeans and skin-tight tops, but the most expensive item was around £500 for a leather coat.

So how much will the Rabanne collection be? Keep reading for everything we know so far. Next, read everything you need to know about Rabanne x H&M or read our AW23 trend report to discover the biggest trends for autumn winter 2023.

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Rabanne x H&M
2023 Dave Benett

How much will Rabanne x H&M be?

The womenswear collection prices range from £64.99 each for the Intarsia dress and trousers, to £549.99 for the metal mesh midi dress. While this is obviously expensive, the majority of the collection sits at under £300, which is definitely much more affordable than Rabanne’s regular pieces. The Home collection ranges from £14.99 for a hair turban to £199.99 for the sequin-disk table lamp.

The most expensive piece in the Rabanne x H&M collection is the metal mesh midi dress, which comes in at £549.99, while the silver maxi dress, nano sequin mini dress and chainmail skirt are £279.99. The most affordable pieces of the collection are the Intarsia knit dress and trousers, both of which cost £64.99. The accessories are a little more expensive due to their intricacy. Expect to pay £69.99 for a pair of chainmail earrings and £169.99 for the sequin bag. In short, the prices range from £14.99 – £550.

Rabanne’s current collection is available now from Matches Fashion and ranges from around £1,105 for a chainmail bag to £2,230 for a fringed wool-blend knitted coat. So if you’re thinking that the high street collab is on the pricey side, remember that it’s much more affordable than paying for the real deal. H&M prides itself on offering luxury labels at a more affordable price point during their designer collaborations.

When is Rabanne x H&M available to buy?

The new collection is coming soon and will be available to buy from November 9th, 2023. Landing just in time for party season, I don’t expect this collection to stay on the shelves for long so put it in your diary to get a piece of the action.

Where can I buy Rabanne x H&M?

The new collection will be available to buy from hm.com and in selected stores worldwide. If you’re planning to make a purchase, you can expect queues both in-store and online. We’re expecting the collection to land early in the morning, so I recommend setting your alarm clock and entering the queue early to avoid missing out. See you there!

Rabanne x H&M full lookbook and detailed prices

The full Rabanne x H&M lookbook has finally been released, as well as detailed prices.


Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Retro Floral Sleeveless Shirt, £59.99

Gold Sequin Maxi Skirt, £149.99

Paillette Bag, £139.99

Shimmering Metallic Cowboy Boots , £279.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Paillette Dress, £229.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Animal Print Mini Dress, £59.99

Appliquéd Track Jacket, £74.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Embellished Chiffon Cape Top, £139.99

Lace Shorts , £27.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Jersey Puff-Skirt Dress, £89.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Fringed Metal-Mesh Skirt, £279.99

Disc-Embellished Shoulder Bag, £169.99

Embellished Jersey Top, £54.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Sequined Flared-Skirt Dress , £279.99

Beaded Disc-Embellished Bangle , £54.99

Shimmering Metallic Strappy Sandals , £189.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Fringed Metal-Mesh Headpiece, £169.99

Fringed Metal-Mesh Top, £229.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Metal-Mesh Dress, £549.99

Beaded Disc-Embellished Earrings , £64.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Fuzzy Coat, £279.99

Shimmering Metallic Tailored Trousers, £89.99

Embellished Mohair-Blend Cardigan, £119.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Sequined Crop Top, £64.99

Sequined Flared Skirt, £189.99

Sequin-Disc Pool Slides, £119.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Appliquéd Track Jacket, £74.99

Appliquéd Track Pants, £74.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Embellished Chiffon Dress , £279.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Embroidered Wool Jacket, £279.99

Broderie Anglaise Poplin Shirt, £119.99

Embroidered Wool Trousers, £89.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Sequin-Disc Top, £189.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Beaded Disc-Embellished Headpiece , £169.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Leopard-Print Buckle-Detail Dress, £139.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Glittery Jacquard-Knit Mini Dress, £64.99

Glittery Jacquard-Knit Trousers, £64.99

Buckle-Detail Waist Chain Belt, £119.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Jacquard-Knit Cut-Out Dress, £139.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Sequined Cropped Top, £139.99

Sequined Trousers, £189.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Fuzzy Scarf, £64.99

Sequin-Disc Crop Top, £89.99

Sequin-Disc Mini Skirt, £189.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Fuzzy-Detail Wool Coat, £329.99


Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Appliquéd Cotton Cap, £44.99

Embellished Jersey Top, £54.99

Appliquéd Track Pants, £74.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Track Jacket, £74.99

Appliquéd Track Pants, £74.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Satin-Detail Tuxedo Jumpsuit , £279.99

Fringed Metal-Mesh Triangle Scarf, £119.99

Hooded Fuzzy Jacket, £229.99

Leopard-Print Shirt, £54.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Metal-Mesh Vest Top, £279.99

Shimmering Metallic Chelsea Boots, £279.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook
Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Sequined Top, £84.99

Shimmering Metallic Suit Jacket, £189.99

Shimmering Metallic Tailored Suit Trousers, £89.99

Metal-Mesh Leather Belt, £74.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Wool Pea Coat, £279.99

Wool Turtleneck Jumper, £84.99

Side-Striped Wool Trousers , £84.99

Buckle-Detail Leather Boots, £229.99



5-Pack Metal Dice, £19.99


Metal Candle Holder, £39.99


Small Stainless-Steel Vase, £39.99


Stainless Steel Bottle, £24.99


Stainless Steel Tray, £59.99


Large Stainless-Steel Vase, £79.99


Scented Candle in A Stainless Steel Container, £34.99 


Stainless-Steel Stool, £199.99


Cotton Slippers, £29.99


Cotton Hair Turban, £14.99

Cotton Hair Turban, £14.99 rabanne x h&m

Cotton Hair Turban, £14.99


Patterned Cotton Bathrobe, £99.99

Patterned Cotton Bathrobe, £99.99 rabanne x h&m

Patterned Cotton Bathrobe, £99.99


Sequin-Disc Curtain, £149.99

Sequin-Disc Table Lamp, £199.99

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