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What is ASOS Marketplace? The Brand Explained

Here’s everything you need to know.

Last Updated on July 3, 2023

We all love ASOS, but if you’ve ever spotted that little tab on the website labelled Marketplace, you might be wondering what ASOS Marketplace actually is.

Short for As Seen On Screen, ASOS initially started off by offering clothing imitations inspired by outfits seen on TV and in movies, but boy, have they come a long way since. 

It now stocks over 250 brands including & Other Stories, Monki and River Island, as well as having a handful of their own, like Reclaimed Vintage and COLLUSION (my personal favourites). In February 2021, ASOS also acquired Topshop after Arcadia, the retail group owned by Sir Phillip Green, went into administration.

The retailer has continued to broaden its horizons over the years, and one area you may or may not know a lot about is ASOS Marketplace.

Here, we take a look at the lesser-known section.

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What is ASOS Marketplace?

ASOS Marketplace is a platform where independent brands, new labels and vintage sellers can sell their products. It provides sellers with access to ASOS’ global customer base and the opportunity to showcase their products.

There are over 700 boutiques and brands selling their products on Marketplace, so if you’re looking for something a little different, you’ve got plenty to choose from.

ASOS marketplace

How does it work?

It works pretty similarly to ASOS, but you’re buying from an indie brand. You can ask the seller questions before you buy and each product listing will tell you where the product is coming from and the shipping costs involved. It’s like Depop or eBay, but under the ASOS brand.

To participate, sellers must meet requirements such as selling authentic products that meet ASOS’ quality standards. Once approved, sellers can create a shop and list their products, with ASOS Marketplace charging a 15% commission on each sale. 

The platform offers a valuable opportunity for independent brands and boutiques to expand their reach and grow their businesses by tapping into ASOS’ established customer base.

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When did ASOS Marketplace launch?

ASOS Marketplace was launched in late 2010, starting with a modest number of 20 sellers.

Is ASOS Marketplace different from ASOS?

Despite sharing a name with ASOS, the Marketplace operates independently, providing a distinct and separate shopping experience.

They’re basically siblings!

Is ASOS Marketplace authentic?

Yeeep. It upholds a strong commitment to authenticity, only allowing genuine fashion items to be bought and sold. ASOS Marketplace strictly enforces a zero-tolerance policy against the trading of counterfeit goods, and you’re offered support if anything does go awry.

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