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7 fashion podcasts to listen to now

Curl up and brush up on your fashion knowledge.

If you’re stuck inside this winter, stay inspired with these fashion podcasts.

While we plough on with the third national lockdown in the UK, there’s never been a better time to brush up on your fashion knowledge with a new podcast.

If you’re struggling to keep entertained and have read every book under the sun, seen pretty much everything there is to see on Netflix and scoured the fashion sales, we’ve found 7 of the best fashion podcasts to listen to next.

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Fashion Fix with Charli Howard

Fashion fix with Charli Howard

Model Charli Howard hosts Fashion Fix, a BBC-produced podcast that delves into how to be simultaneously stylish and sustainable. C

harli meets influential fashion insiders, such as stylist Kyle De’Volle, body positive model Sonny Turner, and style icon Daisy Lowe to discuss the problems that lie under the surface of the industry.

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Fashion Revolution Podcast

Fashion Revolution podcast

If you’re interested in finding out what really goes on under the radar in the fashion industry, the Fashion Revolution podcast is a must-hear.

The three-part series contains investigations and interviews, as journalist Tamsin Blanchard delves into a year-long research project that looked into 540 garment workers across Bangladesh, India and Cambodia, with hard-hitting results.

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The BOF Podcast

The BOF podcast

The Business of Fashion Podcast offers an insight into the fashion industry and makes for an interesting listen, whether you’re part of it or just hold an interest in it.

BOF’s founder and CEO Imran Ahmed hosts the podcast and speaks to everyone from designers such as Gareth Pugh to CEOs about the impact of the industry, which has been particularly fascinating this year as Covid-19 has taken hold.

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Fashion No Filter

fashion no filter podcast

Fashion No Filter is hosted by Camille Charrière and Monica Ainley, two friends, journalists and fashion influencers.

The duo offer listeners an up-close and personal look at the industry, from honest conversations about race and fashion, to what is really required to become an influencer.

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The Vogue Podcast

The Vogue Podcast on acast

Who better to host a fashion podcast than the world’s most respected and long-standing fashion publication?

The podcast has more recently taken a focused look back at the fashion of the 1990s, while it also features exclusive and fascinating interviews with influential fashion experts, including make-up icon Pat McGrath, supermodel Adriana Lima and US designer Zac Posen.

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Fashion Victims

Fashion Victims Podcast | Podcast on Spotify

After launching in 2019, Fashion Victims has quickly become one of the most popular fashion podcasts available.

Hosted by Luke Meagher and Darnell Jamal, the pair offer a tongue-in-cheek look into topics such as: ‘Are Kim Kardashian’s Skims the new corset?’ and ‘Leave Beyonce Alone’.

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Dressed: The History Of Fashion

Listen Free to Dressed: The History of Fashion on iHeartRadio Podcasts |  iHeartRadio

Who can forget the iconic scene in The Devil Wears Prada, when Miranda Priestly gives Andie Sachs a dressing down about the journey her blue sweater took to find itself in her wardrobe?

The Dressed podcast takes a well-researched look back at fashion from the years passed, explaining the social and cultural histories of every era.

For those looking to learn more about why we wear what we wear, this is for you.

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