Everything You Need To Know About The House of Sunny Black Friday Sale

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House of Sunny has quickly become one of the ‘it’ brands of the 2020s. Owning one of its pieces has become a must for those who love retro-inspired sustainable fashion.

But it’s no secret that ethical fashion can be a bit harder to reach. The good news is, there are deals and discounts — Black Friday sales included — to help us get our House of Sunny fix for less.

I’ve looked up all the details we need to know about the brand’s participation during the annual shopping event and I’m sharing them here.

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When is the House of Sunny Black Friday sale?

While it’s still a few months away and no announcement from the brand has been made, we can base it on previous House of Sunny Black Friday sales.

The brand takes part in the shopping event on the day itself, which is on the last Friday of November. This year, that’ll be on 26 November. But it doesn’t run for just one day. In the past, House of Sunny held a ‘Black Friday Weekend’ that ran for four days.

Crossing our fingers it will be the same this year, but of course it’s wise to check out your picks as soon as you can because the pieces sell out fast!

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How big are the discounts during this sale period?

House of Sunny is known to offer 20% off on its items during any sale event, including Black Friday. So, there’s a big chance the same will be applied this year.

If you become a House of Sunny Perks member, though, you also earn coins for every £1 you spend, which you can use during the sale period. You just have to sign up to the program.

The brand periodically puts its items on sale so make sure you sign up to its newsletter to get first dibs.