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12 of the Best Graphic Tees to Shop Now

From Ganni, Mango, H&M and more.

Last Updated on July 16, 2021

Want an easy way to dress up without thinking too much about what to wear? Graphic tees to the rescue.

Don’t get me wrong, fashion is fun. But there are just some days when your style energy may be lower than usual. During these (hopefully once-in-a-blue-moon) occasions, I believe in relying on the power of a graphic print shirt.

A printed tee can truly carry a simple going-out ensemble. Pair one with shorts, jeans, or a skirt, and you’re good to go. 

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If you pick an oversized one, you can even get away with wearing nothing else — except maybe some fun shoes. That’s exactly what Lizzo did when she wore a graphic shirt with a print of her portrait (yes, a double Lizzo moment).

Other celebrities seem to be fans of printed tees too. Aside from Lizzo, Rihanna, Beyonce, and Gigi Hadid have also been spotted wearing one.

They’re not the only ones on board the trend, though. Searches for celebrity-approved graphic tees are on the rise, according to Lyst, with a 25% hike month-on-month. 

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What are people looking for? Oversized graphic shirts! But that’s not all, band t-shirts are becoming popular again with an increase of 13%.

Brands are just as eager to deliver. Have you seen the Ganni tees going around on Instagram recently? There’s a selection of cheerful graphic tees from the Scandi label available right now.

I’ve also found more graphic tees from Zara, H&M, Nasty Gal, and more — there’s a Purple Rain band shirt and a hippie ‘70s printed tee — that we can all wear for those lazy, can’t-seem-to-style days. 

Buy now

Ganni Printed Cotton Jersey T-Shirt Wish You

Printed Cotton Jersey T-Shirt Wish You, £75, Ganni – buy now

Free People Abbey Road Tee

Abbey Road Tee, £40, Free People – buy now

ASOS Oversized Fleetwood Mac Band Print T-Shirt

Oversized Fleetwood Mac Band Print T-Shirt, £16.50, ASOS – buy now

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Zara Printed T-Shirt

Printed T-Shirt, £6.99, Zara – buy now

Zara Natacha Paschal Print T-shirt

Natacha Paschal Print T-shirt, £17.99, Zara – buy now

COLLUSION Back to the Present Graphic T-Shirt

Back to the Present Graphic T-Shirt, £12, COLLUSION at ASOS – buy now

Mango Organic Printed Cotton T-Shirt

Organic Printed Cotton T-Shirt, £6.99, Mango – buy now

H&M Oversized Printed T-Shirt

Oversized Printed T-Shirt, £12.99, H&M – buy now

Organic Cotton Smiley Graphic Tee, £75, Ganni – buy now

Ganni Basic Cotton Jersey T-shirt with Moon Print

Basic Cotton Jersey T-shirt with Moon Print, £95, Ganni – buy now

Weekday Huge Printed T-shirt

Huge Printed T-shirt, £20, Weekday – buy now

Nasty Gal Purple Rain Graphic Band T-Shirt

Purple Rain Graphic Band T-Shirt, £18.75, Nasty Gal – buy now

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