Best Sezane Sweaters: We Review 5 of the French Brand’s Most Wanted Knits

There's a reason they're so popular.

I’ve been a big fan of the Parisian brand Sezane for a good number of years now; as have most of my friends.

Whenever we’re sitting around discussing their pieces (as we often are), the same thing always comes up – the quality.

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Sezane pieces are of the utmost quality, which is why I find myself shopping there time and time again.

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Is Sezane worth the money? 

There are two main reasons why I believe Sezane is worth the money: as I mentioned before, not only is Sezane excellent quality, but it’s also timeless.

The brand doesn’t seem to follow trends but updates classic silhouettes that could sit in your wardrobe for years to come.

I have a lilac cardigan I was wearing just yesterday which is as good now as it was when I bought it four years ago.

Another great thing I must add is the resale value; if you do find yourself wanting to get rid of a Sezane piece, for whatever reason, then you can sell it very easily on eBay for no less than 80% of what you bought it for. Magnifique! 

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Is Sezane true to size? 

As a Sezane fan girl, I’ve always found their sizing to be on the larger side, so if in doubt, I would always size down.

If you’re a long tall Sally, then this is the brand for you, their trousers are always lengthy.

If you’re blessed with shorter legs, however, I would say it’s worth a trip to the tailors – the cost per wear is going to be minimal, I promise. 

Are Sezane returns free for the UK? 

Yes, if you’re in the UK then returns are free and very easy to do. 

Is Sezane French? 

Sezane is a Parisian-born brand which started as a vintage upcycling business by Morgane Sezalory. Since 2013, Sezane has been creating perfectly-cut, luxury pieces at an accessible price point. 

How many collections does Sezane produce in a year? 

Sezane produces four main collections a year, as well as smaller drops once a month.

As delightful as I find most of their pieces, it’s the knitwear that really gets me smiling. So with that in mind, here are my top five.

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Straight in at number one has to be the Gaspard; this jumper has been a massive hit with so many, not only does it come in a huge selection of colours, but you’re also getting two for the price of one – the jumper can be worn with the buttons down the front or down the back. Tres chic. 

GASPARD JUMPER in vintage blue Sezane

Gaspard Jumper in Vintage Blue, £95 – buy now


When I think of Sezane, I have to admit floral prints don’t immediately spring to mind, however, when they do print, they do it expertly.

The Larissa jumper is updated each season with a splash of colour and a pattern so pretty, it could have been painted by Monet himself.

If you’re up for answering ‘where did you get that’ multiple times a day, then this jumper is for you. 

LARISSA JUMPER Multicoloured Flowers

Larissa Jumper in Multicoloured Flowers, £110 – buy now


This cardigan is a personal favourite of mine, it’s one of the softer knits since it’s made from 100% merino wool.

The boxy fit and the chunky buttons give it an almost 60s edge – it looks awesome paired with high-waisted trousers or an a-line skirt.

The hard part is deciding which beautiful colour to go for, I’ll leave that to you. Good luck! 


Betty Cardigan in Ecru, £130 – buy now


This might be one of their cleverest designs to date; as great as a toasty roll-necked wool jumper can be, there is nothing worse than stepping in from the cold to a one-hundred-degree room and trying to resist the urge to strip off.

Well, the Micky has you sorted here with its button-down collar which you can adjust depending on how you want to style it or, for those of us that need it, how hot you are. 

MICKY JUMPER in Pastel Yellow

Micky Jumper in Pastel Yellow, £125 – buy now


The Magda is another classic and reminds me of something my nan might have worn, in a very good way.

The colour options, again, are stunning and it would look absolutely perfect paired with a floral dress or a flowing skirt.

The wool stitching adds such lovely detail without being too fussy. If you shy away from pattern then you’ve just met your match. 


Magda Cardigan in Pink Winter, £115 – buy now

Lindsey is a content creator and editor of house-house-house.com