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Fed Up Of Your Rings Tarnishing After A Few Wears? Add These Ones To Your Wish List

Sun, sea and sweat proof.

Last Updated on April 4, 2023

When it comes to jewellery, there’s few things more disappointing than watching a ring that once shined so brightly on the shelves, turn dull and lacklustre after a few trips out of the house.

If you too are done with the trials that come with tarnished jewellery, you’ve come to the right corner of the internet.

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I’m here to help you find a reliable ring that can weather the storms of life i.e. won’t turn your fingers green after a dip in the pool, a pilates class, or a long soak in the bath.

But first a bit of tarnish training…

Why does jewellery tarnish?

Certain metals (like silver, copper and zinc) react with everything from oxygen and cleaning chemicals, to sweat and perfume, causing a process of corrosion caused oxidisation.

Which materials tarnish the least?

Metals including pure silver, gold and platinum (the material commonly used for wedding/engagement rings) will not tarnish.

Luckily for our bank balance, silver and gold in their purest form are often deemed to soft to make jewellery with. In which cases, metals like copper or nickel are added to pure silver/gold to give them a little more strength and durability.

Or, the base of the jewellery item can be made out of these stronger metals and then coated in either gold or silver to give it a luxury finish – examples include gold vermeil and sterling silver.

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While the addition of these stronger metals make the jewellery more likely to tarnish than pure gold and silver, if the gold/silver percentage is still high (e.g. 18k gold is still 75% gold), it will take a looong time (we’re talking years) for it to show any signs of tarnishing. Plus, it’ll be cheaper too!

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Shop rings that won’t tarnish in a hurry

Monica Vinader Siren Stacking Ring - 18ct Gold Vermeil

Siren Stacking Ring – 18ct Gold Vermeil, £80, Monica Vinader – buy now

Siren Muse Mini Ring – 18ct Gold Vermeil, £50, Monica Vinader – buy now

Mejuri Metallic Sphere Ring

Metallic Sphere Ring – Sterling Silver, £38, Mejuri – buy now

Mejuri Baguette Emerald Open Ring

Baguette Emerald Open Ring – 14k Yellow Gold and Emerald, £250, Mejuri – buy now

Astrid and Miyu Cosmic Star Band Ring in Silver

Cosmic Star Band Ring in Silver – Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver, £65, Astrid and Miyu – buy now

Missoma Molten Wave Stacking Ring

Molten Wave Stacking Ring – 18ct Gold Plated Vermeil, £55, Missoma – buy now

D. Louise Valencia Ring

Valencia Ring – Stainless Steel with 14k Gold PVD coating, £40, D Louise – buy now

Daisy Bloom Crown Band Ring

Daisy Bloom Crown Band Ring – Sterling Silver, £40, Daisy London – buy now

Estee Lalonde Sunburst Signet Ring

Estee Lalonde Sunburst Signet Ring – 18ct Gold Plate – £95, Daisy London – buy now

Rat Betty Small Blank Wonky Flower Ring

Small Blank Wonky Flower Ring – 925 Sterling Silver, £125, Rat Betty – buy now

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