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This Scandi Brand’s Ankle Boots Tick Every Box

And I'm picky.

Last Updated on December 5, 2022

Ankle boots. They might seem like a tiny detail, but man, are decent ones hard to find!

I have a long list of requirements for mine. Firstly, they have to be easy to wear. That means they basically have to go with everything, because I need a pair I can grab and go.

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They also have to be timeless, comfortable and long-lasting; I want to keep them for as long as I possibly can, and wear them as much as I possibly can.

When it comes to basics, Arket is the go-to label for everything from jeans to t-shirts. I love the brand’s signature Nordic aesthetic – clean cuts, well-tailored silhouettes and a minimalist approach to design.

If you haven’t bought a pair of ankle boots for the winter yet, theirs tick all the boxes: high-quality, purse-friendly, and eternally chic. They have a broad selection of ankle boots that will make the cold weather much more bearable – and I’m very much a summer person.

These boots aren’t flamboyant or colourful, but that’s their superpower. These are sleek, favoured by the minimalist dressers who always look painfully chic and leave you wondering just how they do it.

I’ve been looking for months for some ankle boots that do it all, and I may have just found them.

Here are the best ankle boots from Arket that you can buy right now.

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Shop Arket Ankle Boots

Cowboy Leather Boots arket

Cowboy Leather Boots, £199 – buy now

Chunky Leather Boots Arket

Chunky Leather Boots, £175 – buy now

Tretorn Husky Boot

Tretorn Husky Boot, £175 – buy now

Arket Leather Chelsea Boots

Leather Chelsea Boots, £159 – buy now

Arket Stretch-Leather Sock Boots

Stretch-Leather Sock Boots, £199 – buy now

Arket Chunky-Sole Leather Boots

Chunky-Sole Leather Boots, £190 – buy now

Arket Heeled Stretch Boots

Heeled Stretch Boots, £159 – buy now

Arket Mesh Ankle Boot

Mesh Ankle Boot, £179 – buy now

Arket Tretorn Ahus Hybrid Boots

Tretorn Ahus Hybrid Boots, £120 – buy now

Arket Shaka Schlaf Camp Bootie

Shaka Schlaf Camp Bootie, £230 – buy now

Arket Mid Heel Ankle Boots

Mid Heel Ankle Boots, £199 – buy now

Arket Tretorn Arch Hybrid Boots

Tretorn Arch Hybrid Boots, £110 – buy now

Arket Suede Chelsea Boots

Suede Chelsea Boots, £159 – buy now

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