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There’s a New Nail Trend in Town – Here’s Everything We Know About The Glass Manicure

The new glazed donut nails.

Last Updated on October 18, 2022

We’re always on the lookout for the newest nail trends and we have just discovered the newest nail trend – enter the glass manicure.

The technique which originated in Korea by celebrity nail artist Park Eunkyung involves creating a shattered glass effect on your nails.

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This is not the first nail trend that Eunkyung created either; remember lipstick nails or the negative space nail art trend?

glass manicure nails

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What exactly is a glass manicure?

The fun and flashy nail technique was actually inspired by the inside of an abalone shell, which is lined with a rainbow pearl finish.

Finely cut holographic foil is used to create the appearance of this which shine differently depending on how the light hits it.

The holographic foil is applied to the nails, and depending on the layout of the design can be as intricate or abstract as you like.

How do you get a glass manicure?

The process for the glass manicure is very similar to that of a regular gel manicure.

You start off with a clear, pink or neural base colour (but feel free to be as daring as you will) and then apply the chrome foils over the top followed by a topcoat to seal the foil into the gel.

The foil needs to be sealed with a gel polish so the glass manicure doesn’t work with regular polish, a gel polish is needed.

How much will a glass manicure set you back?

Every nail salon is going to have a slightly different price, but you can expect the glass manicure to set you back and additional £10 on top of your regular gel manicure.

This is due to the fact that it takes take that bit longer than your average gel application as the manicurist applies individual foil pieces to every nail.

The price will also depend on how detailed or abstract the look you are going for is.

Can you DIY the glass manicure trend at home?

If you would prefer to go down the DIY glass manicure trend you can try these Hologram Shattered Glass Gel Wraps that can be applied directly to the nails. Very simple yet effective.

Aurora nails also make a shattered glass effect paper that you can apply at home that even give you different colour options including a unicorn foil option if you’re going for a bolder look.

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