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Is Zara Beauty Vegan?

Is it kind to animals?

Zara has already taken over our wardrobes here at Wear Next — have you seen the brand’s new in pieces, by the way? Well, it looks like it’s going to conquer our vanities too through Zara Beauty.

You may be in the same boat but are hesitating because you’re unsure of whether or not the brand is vegan. I’m not a vegan myself, but when it comes to beauty, it should be a no brainer IMO.

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So if you’ve been intrigued by its bold, colourful selection of lipsticks, eye products and nail polish but don’t want to pick something up yet until you know for sure that it doesn’t contain animal-derived products, I’m here to help you out.

zara beauty vegan

Here’s everything I’ve learnt about Zara Beauty that I hope can make your decision-making easier.

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When did Zara Beauty launch?

Zara first launched Zara Beauty in May 2021, but it had been dabbling in the world of beauty even before that. You may be familiar with its fragrances, which are often said to be dupes for luxury perfumes.

Zara Beauty’s products are formulated in partnership with iconic British makeup artist Diane Kendal, whose clients include the likes of Gigi Hadid and Kaia Gerber.

Is Zara Beauty vegan?

Now, on to the question you want answered. You’ll be happy to know that Zara Beauty is indeed vegan. The products are also said to be ‘clean’.

Is Zara Beauty cruelty-free?

There are mixed thoughts and opinions about whether or not Zara Beauty is truly cruelty-free. The brand has claimed that it doesn’t test on animals in any step of its production.

However, the brand has not been vetted and certified by a third-party organisation. Many have also highlighted that the brand is available in China, which is known for testing products on animals. 

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Is Zara Beauty sustainable?

Looking to limit your waste this year? You may want to opt for Zara Beauty products for your make up needs.

The brand’s packaging, designed by French director Fabien Baron, is not only sleek but also refillable and recyclable.

Shop Wear Next’s Zara Beauty picks

Check out some of the range’s latest releases below.

zara beauty ultimate matte lipstick

Ultimate Matte Lipstick in Knockout, £11.99 – buy now

Nourishing Lip Jelly Oil zara beauty

Nourishing Lip Jelly Oil, £7.99 – buy now

Metal Foil Loose Pigment zara beauty

Metal Foil Loose Pigment, £9.99 – buy now

Eye Shadows Duo zara beauty

Eye Shadows Duo, £11.99 – buy now

Velvet Pigment Lip Gloss zara beauty

Velvet Pigment Lip Gloss, £9.99 – buy now

Eyeshadows Duo zara beauty

Eyeshadows Duo, £11.99 – buy now

Nail Polish zara beauty

Nail Polish, £5.99 – buy now

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