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How to Wash a Puffer Jacket

As easy as one, two, three.

Last Updated on February 14, 2023

Puffer jackets are enjoying their time in the limelight right now, but while they’re a huge trend in 2023, they’ve long been a style staple. Chances are, you already had one before they became ‘cool’.

They’re the ultimate in casual attire and look perfect thrown on over a sweatshirt and jeans, but they aren’t so effortless when it comes to keeping them clean.

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If you’ve been wondering how to wash yours, look no further. Here’s the best way to wash a puffer jacket.

two black women wear fuchsia pink puffer jackets at copenhagen fashion week
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How to wash a puffer jacket

It’s best only to wash a puffer jacket when it’s really necessary, as regular contact with detergent can wear them down – much like denim.

If you really do need to clean yours though, you can put your puffer in the washing machine. It’s recommended that you use a front-loading or more recent top-loading machine as these usually don’t have the centre agitator that can damage your puffer jacket.

If you do have a machine with the centre agitator, it’s a good idea to put your washing machine in a mesh bag to avoid tearing. Then pop the wash on a gentle cycle.

Even better, hand wash your puffer jacket. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but you can be sure there will be no tears in your jacket.

Choose your detergent

You can always opt to use a regular detergent, but using a specialised one definitely has its benefits – like this down wash specially formulated for down-filled garments.

Aside from preventing the jacket from clumping, a specialised detergent also doesn’t degrade the water-repelling material of the puffer.

woman wears puffer jacket at london fashion week
Morgane Maurice

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How to dry your puffer jacket

Some people say putting your puffer jacket in the dryer might ruin it, but it can be done — with caution. 

Just make sure you set the dryer for low heat or delicate and remove your jacket out of the laundry bag so it dries out completely.

Putting a dry fluffy towel in the load can also help the jacket to dry more quickly because the towel helps to absorb the moisture from the jacket. Make sure not to leave the towel in for more than 15 minutes though, as otherwise it just puts the moisture back in the load.

If you don’t have a dryer or just don’t want to use one, you can also opt to air dry your jacket instead. You can hasten the drying process by wringing the jacket with a towel first before you air dry it.

How to keep your puffer jacket ‘puffy’ after washing

To avoid the jacket crumpling after washing, avoid the tumble drier completely.

Instead, hang your jacket on a clothes hanger and let it air dry. Give it a shake every 30 minutes, and gently massage it to avoid any clumps.

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