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6 Ways to Wear a Faux Fur Coat

Easy, peasy.

Last Updated on April 11, 2023

We might be crying out for warmer weather, literally, but if you feel the cold as much as I do, then you’re still clinging on (for dear life) to your coats. 

My first introduction to a faux fur coat was Kat Slater’s leopard print number on Eastenders back in September 2000, but it wasn’t until (circa) 2008 when I saw Alexa Chung fashioning one, did I decide I wanted one too. 

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Since the late 2000s, my obsession with faux fur (and coats in general) has reached new heights so as a self-proclaimed coat fanatic, here are five ways to wear a faux fur coat.

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The off-duty model 

This is my favourite way to style a faux fur coat and it involves throwing everything you know about styling out the window.

To get the perfect ‘off-duty’ look, chuck on your coat with a pair of leggings or joggers. Seriously.

The mix of very smart and very casual creates the perfect laid-back look. Complete the outfit with ugly trainers and a shoulder bag – trust me, it shouldn’t, but it works! 

The Carrie Bradshaw moment 

Arguably one of the best ways to wear a fur coat is over a party dress with a pair of heels and a clutch bag, just like the style Queen herself, Carrie Bradshaw.

Is there any outfit in the world that’s going to make you feel more fabulous? I doubt it. And don’t forget, the bigger the coat and the fancier the dress, the better. 

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The rock and roller 

There’s no denying how cool faux fur coats are which is why we see them on the shoulders of so many rockstars and popstars.

To get this look, it’s all about the old band t-shirt, the slim-fit jeans and the black boots. Think, just stepping off the tour bus and you’re on the right track. 

The Scandinavian way 

It’s easy to see from looking at CPHFW street style photos how much Scandinavians love their colourful clothing and maximalist outfits.

To wear your fur like a true Scandinavian, pair it with oversized silhouettes, clashing patterns and pops of colour. More is more when it comes to this so don’t hold back and have fun with it. 

The minimalist 

Woman wears faux fur coat and jeans

If you’re after a more simple way of styling your faux fur then it can definitely be done; there is no reason why this warm layer can’t be an everyday staple thrown over a casual, yet well-put-together outfit.

Try a white shirt and jeans or even some smart trousers and a knit of the same colour – it’s chic, yet understated. 

The free-spirit 

Are you dying to let your inner hippie out? For me, there is nothing more beautiful than a faux fur coat thrown over a floral maxi dress.

If you want to go the extra mile with this look then a fedora hat and a brown satchel will complete the look. Just watch out in the rain with this one, no one wants a muddy hemline. 

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Are faux fur coats in style in 2023? 

It seems the faux fur coat is going nowhere in 2023; it’s set to be as big at the end of the year as it is at the beginning. 

How do you keep faux fur looking nice?  

Regular dry cleaning is the best way to keep a faux fur coat looking nice, however, you can spot clean a faux fur coat by handwashing it with some gentle detergent and combing it through before allowing it to air dry. 

How do you wear a faux fur coat casually? 

Dressing down a faux-fur coat is all about the accessories: trainers rather than boots and a tote bag rather than a clutch bag will help it feel casual. 

Should a faux fur coat be oversized? 

This is all down to personal preference and how you’re going to be wearing it.

Some might want it roomy so they can fit jumpers underneath while others may want it snug as the extra fluff can already feel encompassing enough.

An oversized fit can seem more casual, whereas something tighter is usually more formal looking. 

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