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How To Find a Product Code on ASOS

It's the easiest way to share a product with someone.

Last Updated on August 24, 2023

Wondering how to find the product code on ASOS? I’m here to help. You might have seen on ASOS’ Instagram that the brand often share pretty pictures of their clothes alongside the product codes of items for their followers to shop them easily. If you’ve found an item you desperately want to share with your friends or followers, the product code is a quick way to share it. It’s also super easy – promise.

ASOS has hundreds of thousands of items on site at any given moment, which makes shopping on there incredibly overwhelming. Gone are the days you could just walk into a shop and pick the first item you’re drawn to. Now everything’s online, which is a blessing and a curse. We can’t spend hours in the changing rooms with our mates playing dress up and ‘going shopping’ no longer counts as a hobby, but it also saves us an incredible amount of time and hassle. If there’s a specific item you have in mind, all you need is the product code and you can easily search it on the ASOS website. Now the question is: how can you find product code on ASOS?

Keep reading to find out how. And did you also know that you can image search for an item on ASOS? Read more here.

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How to find the product code on ASOS

You can find the product code under the ‘Product Details’ section on the item page. After the details of the item are listed under bullet points, the last line says ‘Product Code’ along with a 9-digit number. This is the unique identifier that represents the colour, style, or size combination of the product. 

asos product code

Can you image search on ASOS?

Yes, there’s a feature on their app that can do an image search for a specific item. It can be found in the search bar as a camera icon. You can either take a photo or upload a picture from your photo library that displays the particular item that you are looking for. With this feature, ASOS can find similar items if it doesn’t have the exact one. Read more about how to image search on ASOS here.

How do I find an item on ASOS?

There are so many items on ASOS, you’ll need to narrow them down to find what you’re looking for. There are specific categories for items like jeans, dresses, shoes, tops, blazers etc, and you can also narrow down each section by colour, sizes available, brand and price. I recommend looking at a specific brand to narrow down the items you’re looking at, as well as looking at the New In section or the product edits ASOS has.

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